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BPM B2 2pc Baitcast

BPM B2 2pc Baitcast

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Comes with a special rod bag with a shoulder strap. It relieves stress during movement and protects the rod from unexpected damage.

The guide is an arconite guide manufactured by Fuji Industries that has both sensitivity and strength, and the top is equipped with SiC as standard equipment. It is a world standard reliable quality.

A center-cut 2-piece model that is ideal for traveling in compact cars, bicycles, and public institutions. It is also ideal for fishing on okappari and rental boats where luggage is limited.


Name Length Number of joints Weight Power Lure Line
B2-C65ML 6'5 "(1.95m) 2 (closed size 101 cm) 110g MEDIUM LIGHT 5-14g 6-14lb
B2-C65M 6'5 "(1.95m) 2 (closed size 101 cm) 118g MEDIUM 5-21g 8-16lb
B2-C610M 6'10 "(2.08m) 2 (closed dimension 107 cm) 125g MEDIUM 5-21g 8-16lb
B2-C68MH 6'8 "(2.03m) 2 (closed size 104 cm) 121g MEDIUM HEAVY 7-28g 10-20lb
B2-C72MH 7'2 "(2.18m) 2 (closed size 112 cm) 127g MEDIUM HEAVY 7-28g 10-20lb
B2-C70H 7'0 "(2.13m) 2 (closed size 110 cm) 126g HEAVY 10-42g 12-25lb / PE MAX # 5
B2-C67MH + HD 6'7 "(2.01m) 2 (closed size 103 cm) 126g MEDIUM HEAVY PLUS HEAVY DUTY MAX 56g 12 / 25lb PE MAX # 5
B2-C73XHSB 7'3 "(2.21m) 2 (closed size 114 cm) 156g EXTRA HEAVY SWIMBAIT MAX 120g 14-30lb
B2-C66MLG 6'6 "(1.98m) 2 (closed dimension 102 cm) 121g MEDIUM LIGHT GLASS COMPOSITE 5-18g 8-16lb
B2-C63MLBF 6'3 "(1.91m) 2 (closed size 98 cm) 107g MEDIUM LIGHT BAIT FINESSE 3.5-14g 6-12lb
B2-C65XHSB 6'5 "(1.95m) 2 (closed size 101 cm) 133g EXTRA HEAVY SWIMBAIT MAX 100g 14-30lb



Twitch & jerk special set with rod work

A supple and easy-to-manage 6ft 5in design that allows the top water plug and jerk bait to act according to the user's image without stress. It is easy to handle both in the cast and in the lure action, and does not make you feel heavy. Assists the angler's skill even higher.


Technical Versatile that attacks well

C65M is good at attacking small places and small areas. One of the features is high versatility that supports small hard plugs, including soft baits using 3.5 to 7 g class sinkers. A versatile rod that is most useful for fishing small and medium-sized rivers, bobbed ponds, and small rental boats.


All-rounder regardless of style

A versatile rod that sticks to 6ft 10in, which is the base of the bait casting rod. In addition to high versatility that is not tied to situations from short-distance pitching to long-distance casting, it also has a wide range of adaptation that covers hard lures, wire baits, and soft baits using 3.5 to 7 g class sinkers. It is useful in various situations.


Heavy versatile punching the cover at a good tempo

6ft 8in that has both operability and good maneuverability to punch out the endless cover area at a good tempo and lightly. It matches not only soft baits and rubber jigs that represent Texas rigs of 7 to 14 g class, but also spinner baits, blade jigs and swimming jigs of 14 to 18 g class.


Long distance special aiming at offshore points

A long cast model that can attack a wide range with long-distance casting. Not only is it long and hard, but it has a tapered design that allows you to cast lure weights firmly on the rod, making it a standard model for large lakes and large rivers. A long distance special that emphasizes long-distance casting and long-distance operability.


Anti-cover rod with improved operability

One with high operability that enables fine invitations while having the power to hook firmly in a complicated and intricate cover and pull it out forcibly. It is a high-balanced model that combines ease of use and power with a 7ft design that considers the ease of handling that can handle jigs and worms as well as frogs.

B2-C67MH + HD

Technical heavy manipulating frog big bait

A technical heavy model that allows anglers to take action on big baits and frogs up to the 2oz class. We are particular about the well-balanced blank design that does not get tired even if you continue twitching for a long time and the power to forcibly pull fish from the heavy cover. After all, one that is active regardless of the boat.


Big bait compatible model aiming for monsters

One dedicated to strong style aiming for monster class bass by manipulating big baits and umbrella rigs up to 120g. The supple, bendable and sticky blank design does not give the bus control. The 7ft3in long length is compatible with heavy Carolina rigs over 1oz.


Aggressive cranking rod to put on and hang

A glass composite model that comfortably handles 7-10g class crankbaits. A well-balanced model that has both castability that allows you to throw weights firmly even with a lightweight shallow crank while suppressing dullness, and suppleness that allows you to put a reaction bite without flipping it. This is a book dedicated to serious Krunker.


Deepened operability Technical bait finesse

A bait finesse model with refined lightness and operability. A 6ft 3in length design that focuses on the castability and operability of the light rig. The cast is decided without shaking, and it is a dedicated model that can be operated firmly with a delicate and highly sensitive tubular tip, even after hanging fish. 


Technical big bait model aiming at the pin spot

A heavy model dedicated to short casts that boldly attacks covers and structures with heavy lures such as big baits. The 6ft 5in, which is easy to handle even for side casting and pitching, makes it possible to add sharp action at a short distance as well as casting accuracy. It is also easy to handle as a bamasto for swimming umbrella rigs, making it a unique technical rod.

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