Big PE (8 braid)

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Product Summary

Easy to use regardless of genre!
Strongest wear-resistant PE line

  • Pursuing toughness and durability to win the game with the big game
  • The "HIP manufacturing method" and silicon coating used in Super X-Wire™ enhances wear resistance and achieves exquisite elasticity and elasticity with good operability.
  • High quality, high cost performance
  • The PE line uses purely domestic products.
  • Adoption of HIP manufacturing method (heat integration process)


  • HIP manufacturing method (heat integration process)

    The raw thread uses the world-famous brand Toyobo's ultra-high-strength polyethylene fiber "IZANAS™".

    It is densely woven with a micro-pitch braided process, and a special heat treatment is applied to make the yarns stick together one by one. As a result, the roundness is improved, the firmness and stiffness that could not be achieved with conventional PE are created, and the wear resistance, which was a weak point, is greatly improved.