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Beacon 180 Hiramasa Tune

Beacon 180 Hiramasa Tune

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▪︎180mm/70g (±2.0g) Floating specification ▪︎Made of special hard foamed resin
▪︎ Vertical floating posture of about 85 degrees ▪︎ 1.8 mm penetrating wire specification supports large objects 

Beacon 180 tuned exclusively for amberjack!

Taking advantage of the characteristics of the popper, which is easy to control the movement distance by swinging the rod, it attracts amberjack with a long jerk with bubbles and a standard short popping.

(recommended hook)
D-CLAW KEY HOOK #5/0 or #4/0 (single & twin specifications)
Please use hooks @3.0g to 6.0g for both front and back.
*If you make fine adjustments with split rings, etc. according to the sea conditions due to the ebb and flow of the tide, it will lead to better fishing results.

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