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Beacon 185-103 Wood

Beacon 185-103 Wood

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185mm 103g (±2.0g) Floating specification

Recommendation Hook

Treble Hook:#4/0 or #5/0 

SingleHook:7〜10.5g(Weight excluding ring)

Made of wood

Vertical floating posture of about 85 degrees

1.8 mm penetrating wire specification supports large game fish

D-claw semi-long slim popper with pop sound that attracts big game! !

A 180mm semi-long slim popper that is effective for amberjack and amberjack while focusing on the summer yellowfin tuna game!
A unique body that allows long casts and a balanced design that is unrelated to error action even in the same or following waves. D-Claw Semi-Long Slim Popper excellent for yellowfin tuna and blue fish! !

From the vertical floating posture of about 85 degrees, the pop sound that is released when action is added is very attractive to predators.
The 180mm semi-long slim shape determines the target cast even in headwinds.

In calm sea conditions, the bubbles during action are firmly left in the sea, and in long jerk and retrieve action, the bubbles are firmly formed and attract deep-field predators!

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