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Bazoo 140

Bazoo 140

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A popping popper, Bazoo, which bites water while wearing a large amount of bubbles and strongly appeals to the target with a heavy pop sound. The cylindrical form that reduces air resistance creates the best flight distance of the CB One Wood Plug, and even the farther Nabura, which was unmanageable until now, is within range. The unique cup shape increases foam volume and water entanglement, making it easy to decide swimming from the first action even in rough water. It is very good at luring flashy continuous popping and short popping and staying with nabla shooting.



The lure is continuous short popping at regular intervals, and long jerk popping that is conscious of bubble chewing and high sound. In nabla shooting, you can use the flight distance as a weapon to "leave it alone" immediately after landing, or short popping and staying. If you put a summing just before landing and turn the lure head forward, the accuracy of the first action will be improved.

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