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Bantam Pavlo Shad 59SP MR (ZM-406Q)

Bantam Pavlo Shad 59SP MR (ZM-406Q)

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59mm 6g Suspend Medium Range

key features

Choose your size and color! Introducing the charm of the Pablo Shad series! !

The charm of Pablo Shad

In recent years, shad plugs have been frequently used regardless of the field season. Among the shad plugs that have both search ability and feeding ability, Pablo shad's appeal is that it is easy to reel in and can be used for action.

Tips for size rotation! ! The point is that the movement changes depending on the size!

The Pablo Shad lineup includes the original size 59mm model (59SP/59SP MR) and 52mm model (52SP).
It is common to match the bait size for each field and use 52SP in high pressure fields, but in addition, Pablo Shad has slight differences in not only the size of the lure but also the action depending on the size. .
59SP/59SP MR has the best action among the many shad plugs with few quirks. When simply winding, the action is clearly transmitted to the rod, but it is a tight, high-pitched action typical of a shad plug.
On the other hand, 52SP is not only smaller in size, but also has a tighter and finer pitch action than 59SP.
It is effective to use different silhouettes to match the bait size, but if you incorporate slight differences in movement depending on the size of the Pablo Shad into your rotation, you will be able to use it more effectively.
Not only in situations where the bait size is small, but also in clear water or in field conditions where the pressure on the fish is extremely high, the tight action of the 52SP can be used to bring in a bite, and conversely, as typified by the Kitaura Kasumigaura water system. In muddy water, you can first search with 59SP/59SP MR to get fish to notice regardless of bait size, narrow down the spot, and then rotate to 52SP to get more bites. 

It is also attractive that you can choose from a variety of colors!

The current Pablo Shad 59mm model (59SP/59SP MR) has a color lineup of 25 colors. This lure has a particularly large number of colors among bantam lures.
The lineup includes a variety of colors, from flashy to flashing to clear, but it is also a lure that can be used in many situations regardless of the field, condition, or season.
Basically, it is recommended to rotate three colors: solid, flashing, and clear, which do not allow light to pass through, but the 125 Yoshinobori, which is based on black, which is rarely seen in shad plugs, is very conscious of the bottom. It is effective against fish that are fishing, and it may be possible to make the fish respond even when there is no reaction to other colors or when a worm would result in a short bite.
In addition, Shimano's unique crazy scale color is particularly prone to diffused reflection among flashing types, so you can use different strengths of normal, crazy scale, and flashing types.

A shad that can be used for all techniques, whether it's fast winding or jerking.

The shad that I used to use as my main fish were well-balanced, and they swam straight no matter what speed I reeled them in, and even when they hit rocks, they didn't go sideways and traced their way along the bottom. I found it very useful because I could follow the course I had in mind regardless of my speed. However, depending on the situation, there are times when it is better to add a jerk and let the ball hit. However, if the balance is too good, even if you jerk it, it won't flutter or dart.

On the other hand, shad that are easy to dart are made to be unbalanced on purpose, so they are good at flat-throwing and darting, but if you wind them a little too fast, they will spin around or float, making it difficult to use them effectively.

So, as someone who loves shad, I always have two sets of tackle for two types of shad when fishing on a boat so that I can handle any situation.

But even when you're reeling in a shad that's swimming straight at you, there are still times when you want to jerk it right here. It's basically impossible to find a shad that can be reeled in quickly and that also hits the fish flat since it requires contradictory balance. However, we thought, ``Is there a way to do this?'' and what we finally came up with was a center-of-gravity movement system called the Jerk Assist Balancer.

It's easier to lose balance if your center of gravity is further back, but if it's all the way back, you won't be able to swim straight. So, the weight that was at the front when winding was made to move to the back when the rod action was applied.

This is how "Pablo Shad" was completed. You can use it by winding the middle layer quickly, or you can dart it midway while licking the bottom. You can also let it sink to a certain extent and then jerk it continuously. When it comes to fishing with shad plugs, I feel like they can be used in all sorts of ways. Thanks to this, I now only need one tackle instead of the two sets I needed before (lol).

In other words, the ability to perform a variety of actions before picking up after a single cast, such as reeling quickly, jerking, or slowly tracing the bottom, is extremely impressive for a shad plug. A temporary thing. The Pablo Shad deepens the pleasure and sense of accomplishment of lure fishing, where you can move the lure as you wish and get the bite. 


jerk assist balancer

When reeling, the low center of gravity stabilizes swimming, but when rod action is applied, the center of gravity becomes higher, intentionally causing the body to fall sideways and assisting the dart action. This is the core structure of Pablo Shad.

high speed winding

We have designed the product balance and the size and shape of the lip and body to ensure that the swimming required for high-speed winding does not fail. The movement is tight wobble with little winding resistance, and the main weight is fixed with a magnet and the center of gravity is moved so that it can withstand high-speed winding. Achieved winding stability and sufficient flight distance.

dirt action

It achieves a high level of dart action, which is a function that contradicts the straightness required for high-speed winding.

bottom action

Achieves a licking action that does not fly out even when it comes into contact with an obstacle. This allows you to feel the changes in the water better, and allows you to make contact, stop, and twitch to invite and stop even in pinpoint fishing that is required for slow development.

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