B-TRUE zipper tab

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B-TRUE zipper tab

B-TRUE zipper tab

Upgrade your bags and clothing. Full-fledged healing system.
The loveliness of the B-TRUE image character "Truby" that jumps into your eyes every time you open and close the zipper. Full-fledged specifications contrary to its appearance. Non-slip silicone embossed tabs on both sides, B-TRUE zipper tabs with a diameter of 2 mm and a strength of 80 kgf made from high-quality cords from a domestic climbing brand will dress up and upgrade your bags and clothing. Not only will you be able to open and close the zipper more easily and reliably, but "Truby" will give you comfort anytime, anywhere.

flash green, flash yellow, flash orange, camouflage
price 500 yen (excluding tax)



  • Silicone embossed tab

    Silicone embossed tab
    "Truby" mark tab with non-slip silicone embossed on both sides.
  • high quality code

    high quality code
    Adopts a high-quality cord made by a domestic climbing brand with a diameter of 2 mm and a strength of 80 kgf.

    ■ Cord length: 50 mm (folded back)
  • through one hole

    through one hole
    Standard mounting method with a long cord.
  • through two holes

    through two holes
    How to install to shorten the cord part.
  • ◀Two-hole mounting method

  • Examples of using your own accessories
  • [
    Let's put the initials in a commercially available alphabet cube.
  • [Put the silicone tube through the cord and do it yourself]
    The silicone tube creates tension, so the tab is stable and the play is suppressed. (A silicone tube with an inner diameter of 4 mm is recommended.)
  • [Put a short silicone tube through the cord to create your own style]
    Create a simple glass holder by inserting a short silicone tube through the cord and creating a gap between the tube and the tab.
    *This is just a simple holder. Please protect the glass at your own risk.