Azusa SS9 Slide Spoon

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Azusa SS9 Slide Spoon

A slide spoon that makes a high-speed rotary fall with an irregular trajectory in the lateral direction when viewed from the angler. The trout slide spoon has a lot of achievements of taman catch in the intense shibu on the ship offshore in Okinawa.
However, the weakness of existing slide-type spoons is winding. There are many things that do not move at all when retrieving, so it is difficult to use from shore to wading.
AZUSA SS9 is a new generation spoon that covers the weaknesses while maintaining the goodness of the slide spoon, which is "hard to be cut off and good to eat".

・ High-speed rolling in the lateral direction (or left and right zigzag) that is hard to be cut off ・
Rolling action that is slimy with slow retrieve ・
Stable wobbling action with two water flows from medium to fast retrieve
・ Overwhelming flight distance due to the rear center of gravity

By combining these elements, even beginners can easily catch fish.
Of course, a spoon with a "clear technique" that even expert anglers can enjoy.
That is AZUSA SS 9.

length weight hook swivel
50mm 9g Not included included