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Azusa MS3 Micro Spoon

Azusa MS3 Micro Spoon

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Azusa MS3 Micro Spoon

Many of the many micro spoons have a deep cup that gives a fluttering wobbling action that makes humans think that they "move well".
However, what is most in demand for imitating a microbait from a fish's perspective is a peculiar microwave.
The AZUSA MS3 was created with an emphasis on producing micro-waves with the appearance of microbait.
From medium to fast retrieve, the wide body receives water and produces fluttering and panic action. In addition, a "dead leaf fall" has been realized in which the bait that has been attacked and weakened falls like a dead leaf.
A versatile small spoon that can be used widely from river games to reefs. That is MS3.

・ Slow retrieve for small waves peculiar to small fish
・ Medium to fast retrieve for small fish to escape
・ Dead leaf fall like weakened small fish falling

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