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Avani Casting PE SMP

Avani Casting PE SMP

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[VARIVAS]Avani Casting PE SMP PE X8

SMP Super Max Power PE's extraordinary durability enhances and supports even the most discriminating angler!

2x or more durability and abrasion resistance of conventional PE line! The pinnacle of casting PE. Born from cutting-edge materials, and precision manufacturing and testing. VARIVAS AVANI Casting SMP--Super Max Power--PE x8 braid fishing line is VARIVAS’s highest-grade, 8-strand braided PE line, with the highest level of strength, durability, outstanding flight distance and super smooth feel. VARIVAS proprietary SMP coating technology results in twice the durability and strength as conventional PE line. Stealth-grey color provides excellent camouflage in water. Navy and pink sight marking lines at 25-meter intervals allow for easy gaging of flight distance. Spec: Max. 50 lb. (#3) - Max. 160 lb. (#12) / 200m - 600m Color: Stealth gray-with marking lines

Color:Stealth Gray (Marking Line)

3 50 8
4 70 8
5 80 8
6 90 8
8 120 8
10 150 8
12 160 8
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