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Antagon 83F 4m+ Crankbait

Antagon 83F 4m+ Crankbait

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The Jabbers Antagon Crankbait 4+
Tested extensively against the Giant Snakehead to perfect its flight path and trajectory, the Antagon will be your most exciting pawn in your quest for a trophy snakehead.
Arif takes on another majestic specimen with his trusted combo of Jabbers Snake Charmer 5pc travel rod and Jabbers Antagon Crankbait fitted with Uppercut 4X trebles.
When you are in Serpent Country, only the best survive. Make no mistake when choosing reliable serpent tackle. It is the most basic form of respect for your opponent.

83mm, 26g, 4m+ depth
Jabbers Uppercut 4X #1 hooks

Jabbers Smooth Cuffs #4 split rings

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