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Aluminum Pliers α200H Lock BG

Aluminum Pliers α200H Lock BG

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Lightweight aluminum pliers with one-touch lock function for large split rings
■Large split ring correspondence (#5-#11)
■We realize lightweighting with aluminum plier (approximately: 135 g)
■One-touch lock mechanism that is convenient at the time of storing.
■With safety guard safe and secure.
■PE line compatible line cutter.
■It is hard to be rusted by fluorine coating, and dirt is easy to come off, too.
■Line cutters, one-touch locks, and stainless steel tips are available after-sales with SLP.
Specification details
Large split ring compatible tip shape
compatible split ring: #5 to #11
offshore general, shore jigging compatible tuna, amberjack, GT compatible
■ PE line compatible line cutter
The tungsten blade can also cut PE lines.
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