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Altamira ft. TULALA 10th Anniversary Long Sleeve Hoodie (UV + Cool + quick dry)

Altamira ft. TULALA 10th Anniversary Long Sleeve Hoodie (UV + Cool + quick dry)

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Size/Length/Shoulder width/Body width/Sleeve length (short sleeve)/Reference height
M/70/45/55/64.5 /170-175cm
L/73/ 48/59/66/175~180cm

Altamira of "TULALA" collaboration model commemorating the 10th anniversary of JetSlow.

The new burgundy color has a deep wine color, white print, and a calm yet artistic design with stitching.

Designed and supervised by Kentaro Ogawa of TULALA. On the back print, Japan's symbolic fish jumped on a full moon night, and there was a traveling icicle squirrel walking along the river. Three squirrels running up to you on your left arm. The right arm is designed with [Fishing God] Nossa Senora Aparecida and the impressive Altamira magic letters. Like a pendant on my chest, a jet setter flying fish and a icicle squirrel play around where our hearts are located.

It is a model full of history that has been walking together for the past 10 years.

It is a model with piping on the cuffs, and the cuffs can be flexibly held on the wrist. The cuffs stop at the wrist, but the design does not tighten the wrist too much.

Altamira is the name of a town on the Xingu River in Brazil. Both long-sleeved and short-sleeved garments are comfortable to wear for about a week. Long sleeves cover from spring to autumn.

You can wear this outfit from Narita or Kansai International Airport to avoid freezing on the airline, and the hood also allows you to create your own space when sleeping. Even if you arrive in Brazil, you can keep this outfit.

The fabric is Toray's Theo Alpha UV fabric, which quickly absorbs moisture such as sweat and dries, keeping you cool with its excellent moisture absorption and quick-drying properties, and also has excellent UV protection.

The long sleeves are sunshade wear for adults, and if you wear a hood, you can hide your neck and face from the sun. Also for parts that are cool in terms of design.

material Custom-made/quick-drying material plan Kenji Mizuguchi
Country of origin / country of origin Japan print design Takayuki Asanuma/Kentaro Ogawa/
Color variations burgundy/ice blue product name [10th Anniversary] Altamira Featuring..


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