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Almight 150m (sinking pe line)

Almight 150m (sinking pe line)

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Operation feeling created by weight

Material: Ultimate PE Type III


Olive pink/150m roll single item



●A sinking PE line that has achieved a specific gravity of 1.48 by incorporating 4 ULT-PE materials and high-density fibers into the core.
●The high-density fiber of the core prevents the line from floating and increases straightness, improving the operability of the lure.
●Easier to control the line even under strong winds or early tides, reducing trouble.
●Although it is a hybrid line with different materials, by using the latest manufacturing technology, it exhibits linear strength that is comparable to products made of 100% PE material.
●The lineup includes an olive color with markings that combines visibility and camouflage, and a pink color specialized for visibility.

●Specific gravity "1.48", the feeling of operation created by the weight

PE line can produce overwhelming distance due to its light specific gravity of 0.98 , but in strong winds or in situations where there is movement in the water, the light specific gravity will have an effect and the line slack will increase, causing the lure's You may lose the feeling of operation. In addition, as the line floats on the water surface, the trajectory that connects the lure and line tends to be nearly perpendicular to the water landing point, and even if you want to continue sensing the bottom, the lure will tend to leave the bottom.

The specific gravity of All Might is "1.48" which is higher than the specific gravity of Esterline, which is "1.38" This specific gravity draws a more linear trajectory for the lure underwater, making it even easier to experience the overwhelming sensitivity created by the PE line's difficulty in stretching. The specific gravity, which is incomparable to
100 % PE lines, creates a new sense of operation.

The all-mighty performance that makes it an option not only for fishing that used regular PE lines, but also for fishing that used fluorocarbon, nylon, and ester lines is the reason for the product name All Might. Please experience the unique operation feeling of All Might created by the specific gravity and weight of "1.48" in any type of fishing. 

●Use of line colors

Since All Might can be used in a wide range of genres, we have a lineup of two line colors that can be used depending on the situation.
A monochromatic pink color with excellent visibility is effective when you are looking for a certain level of visibility in any environment, such as when fishing at night with little light or when fishing at night.

On the other hand, the olive color is a camouflage color that has been highly requested mainly in the freshwater lure market. However, with the single olive color, there were times when the lure became too familiar with the field and missed a momentary fall bite, and the lure lacked a sense of control, so we adopted a marking system.
All Might's olive color incorporates 50cm (10cm + 30cm + 10cm ) of orange sandwiched between dark gray within a 2m interval , creating a coloring that combines camouflage performance that blends in with the field and moderate visibility

Standard No. pattern 0.4 0.6 0.8 1 1.2 1.5
Average strength value (LB.) 6.2 Ten 11.5 14 17 19
MAX LB. 7.2 11 13 16.5 18.5 22.5
MAX Kg 3.3 5.0 5.9 7.5 8.4 10.2
specific gravity 1.48 (The specific gravity is an average value, and the value varies slightly depending on the issue)


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