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Alcance rod

Alcance rod

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It was developed with a focus on the use of lures with single hooks such as spinnerbait, buzzbait and chatterbait. Achieve the fastest rework with an exquisite length of 6.6 feet. You can search for side casts repeatedly for a long time. The blanks, which have the strength to penetrate a thick single hook with a single blow, bend smoothly when casting or fighting and assist the angler. The short grip that emphasizes manoeuvrability promises a good-tempo game.

Versatile rod for all lures from 8 to 20g, from plugs to worms. You can cast smoothly by putting the weight of the lure on the supple tip. With an emphasis on use in bass, it has sufficient butt power for pulling out and a long length of 6 feet 10 inches, which is advantageous for long-distance casting in overhead. Medium long versatile rod that is the basis of the series.

Along with V610M, the power versatile rod that forms the core of the series. Supports a wide range of plugs from 1/2 ounce to 178 mm class big bait, various worm rigs using sinkers of 5/8 ounce or less, and shad tail no sinkers of around 5 inches. Designed with a strong bat that determines strong hooking and a supple tip for accurate casting. It also supports long-distance casting utilizing the length of 7.2 feet.

Best match for all worm rigs up to 7g sinkers, no sinker rigs and football jigs. Uses sharp, highly elastic blanks to operate the lightweight rig at will and feel the bite under tough conditions. By combining the solid tip, the angler notices the bite, but it makes it possible to bite into the bass without giving a sense of discomfort. The delicate shake can be continued lightly by the synergistic effect of the miniaturisation of the guide of the tip part and the highly elastic blanks.

One that was developed around the cover contact. A taper design with power up to the tip is adopted so that heavy jigs of 1/2 ounce or more and 3/4 ounce Texas rigs can be operated as desired even through branches. Equipped with a short rear grip that emphasizes handling in order to shoot through the slight gap between the water surface and the overhang. This made it possible to repeat accurate flips.

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