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#AirDog (UNUSED)

- includes 2 gyro mount for Hero4 or Hero5

Auto follow drove for adventure sports

Key Features
  • Multi-Sport Follow and Shoot Drone
  • Fully Automatic, Ready-to-Fly Aircraft
  • Changes Flight Mode Based on Activity
  • Bluetooth Range Up to 820'
  • Top Speed of 40mph
  • Wind Resistance of 28 Knots
  • Foldable for Compact Travel
  • AirLeash Transmitter Included
  • Up to 18 Minutes of Flight Time
  • GoPro Camera Required

Capture the action from all your outdoor adventures with the AirDog Action Sports Drone from AirDog. This fully automatic drone works in tandem with the included AirLeash, a Bluetooth-enabled wearable transmitter, to follow you from a distance of up to 820'. To capture the action, the AirDog is equipped with a gimbal designed to hold a GoPro action camera and protective housing (both sold separately) and can even power the camera using the AirDog's flight battery.

More than just a follow-and-shoot drone, the AirDog is programmed with different flight modes that determine the path it takes based on your activity. Set your activity using the controls on the AirLeash, and the AirDog will adopt a flight pattern that will allow it to best capture the action.

The AirDog is a "ready-to-fly" aircraft, meaning everything you need to get you into the air is included: aircraft, flight battery, charger, and a pre-bound wearable transmitter. And, with the exception of a GoPro action camera, the AirDog also comes with everything you need to start recording your adventures, including the camera gimbal and necessary cables. It's equipped with a 5600mAh rechargeable LiPo battery that yields up to 18 minutes of flight time, depending on weather conditions, and its compact, foldable body makes it easy to carry around with you.

Dedicated Multi-Sport Flight Modes
The AirDog is designed to follow you in a pattern specific to your particular sport. So, whether you're surfing or snowboarding, in a skate park or out on the waves, the AirDog will adjust to a flight path that allows it to best capture all the action.
No Piloting Skills Necessary
AirDog is completely automatic from takeoff to landing, allowing you to focus on the action.
Fold-Up Design for Easy Travel
AirDog's compact body, foldable arms, and removable propellers make it easy to carry with you.
AirLeash for Fast and Easy Control
With AirLeash, the waterproof and wearable device, just select a flight mode and start your ride. AirLeash allows you to easily adjust height, distance, and landing options, even during your run. The AirLeash is equipped with long-range Bluetooth technology, enabling the AirDog to follow you from up to 820' away.
Optimized for GoPro
AirDog is designed to carry a GoPro action camera with a protective housing, both available separately. The camera is powered by AirDog's main battery during flight.
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