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AH-IV Area Eric Hook (AH-4)

AH-IV Area Eric Hook (AH-4)

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By adjusting the balance of the eye, shank, gape, throat, point, etc., we added rigidity to the ideal of "easy to hang and hard to come off". Understanding the characteristics of rainbow trout that eats hooks directly, this is a special spoon hook that pursues a shape with vibration characteristics that makes it easy to eat hooks.
Although it is a fine hook, after hooking up, it is a finish that does not easily stretch when power is applied with a slightly stiff rod while strengthening the burdensome part.
Large sized #4 is recommended for 3-5g spoons for cruising in distant spots and for capturing large trout without any hesitation.

●Practical shape that is easy to hang, sticks deeper, and suppresses burrs.
● Pursue feeding performance to feed the hook.
●Flat processing and NS black finish to maximize wire hardness.

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