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AH-7 Area Hook Type VII Front

AH-7 Area Hook Type VII Front

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The hook stands up! Specially designed for front hooks.

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We analyzed the hooking mechanism in vertical fishing methods with front hook set. When front set, the hook stands up in the cup and maintains the best point position for the most ideal hook-up without any fraying. All sizes have the same gap width, but the shank length is different. Also, the line diameter is set to be slightly stronger. It is a perfect fit for fishing with PE line, where you take a bite with the line and hook the fish.


●Slightly smaller up-eye design keeps the point facing upwards, minimizing clearance and reducing trouble.
●Slightly thicker wire diameter, perfect for fishing with PE lines.
●Straight point that penetrates at the same time as the hook is set.
●NS black finish that maximizes wire hardness.

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