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AH-10 Area Jove

AH-10 Area Jove

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Compatible with large trout! "Durable" thick shaft & vertical eye single

A single hook with IN LINE EYE specifications that is ideal for attaching to trout plugs that can sometimes get an overwhelming bite even for fish that do not respond well with a spoon.
In addition to the deep fluffy shape that does not easily come off, by adopting a long taper point with a slightly thick shaft, both smooth hooking and strength corresponding to large fish are achieved. It is a special hook for plugs that you can hang and catch firmly.

● Vertical eye type that is perfect for use with plugs.
● Uses a thick shaft wire that has a relatively small weight gap even when replaced with a treble hook and can be used for big fish.
● Matte black finish that does not give caution to fish.

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