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Aglia Mouche

Aglia Mouche

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Virtually snagless, these lightweight single-hook Mepps are ideal for both the trout and perch enthusiast. Both spinner fishermen and fly fishermen will enjoy the touch of added weight.

All Spin Flies are either dressed with natural hackle or a classic wooly worm. The Aglia Spin Flies are ideal for taking large perch or trout, anytime of the day, all season long.

Use silver on bright days. Polished brass (gold) blades produce best when it's overcast. Try copper in streams after a heavy rain, or in dark, stained water.

Work weed beds, submerged timber, rip-rap, undercut banks and just about any other cover where fish hang out. Great fishing action.

Stainless steel shaft to resist bending. Extra strong folded brass clevis. Solid brass blades, bodies and beads. Mepps quality throughout.

Mepps Aglia 

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