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Advancement UBR-510 10th Anniversary ltd edition

Advancement UBR-510 10th Anniversary ltd edition

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The theme of this rod is the ultimate "bend".

The plankton pattern requires the worm to stay in the plankton mass for a longer period of time.

Then, of course, the more lightweight the jig head is used, the more advantageous it becomes, and there is a growing demand for a rod that can master such a lightweight jig head.

Therefore, it is a slow taper short length type rod that meets such demands.

In 34, these rods are becoming the main body, but in such a trend, I decided to make this 10th anniversary limited rod with the theme of "how far can I slow down?"

The length is 5 feet 10 inches and 2 pieces. The material is 33t of Toray T1100G, which uses Toray's nanoalloy for # 1, and Toray's 40t (non-nanoalloy) and Toray 55t (non-nanoalloy) for # 2. I am using a composite of Nano Alloy).

Instead of being divided at the center, it is an irregular two-piece, and by letting it play only the role of a bat without attaching a guide to the bat side, the top side could be softened anyway.

Since the top is quite good, I used 55t carbon of nanoalloy, which is strong and sticky so that the butt part does not shake, and made it stronger so that the shake of the top converges.

With this softness, it is much easier to feel the change in the weight of the jig head, and it is easier to understand the weight such as the change in the tide felt by the jig head compared to the 34 other rods so far.

There are other benefits of bending, and you can cast it like a bow, which increases the flight distance.

And when you hang a fish, it bends a lot, so you can enjoy it a lot.

I think that you can experience this immediately if you take it in your hand and interact with the fish.

As a design, we have adopted the first cork grip in the general sales model.

It is a rod that makes you feel that you "enjoy aging", which is suitable for the 10th anniversary as an anniversary model. Please try it once.

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