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A20246 Shinkei Shime short (Ikejime tool)

A20246 Shinkei Shime short (Ikejime tool)

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A must-have for keeping the freshness of the fish you catch and eating them deliciously!
"Needle pipe" that makes a guide hole up to the nerve is standard equipment! The short size is the smallest size in the series recommended for 
horse mackerel, mackerel, and root fish . Comes with a carabiner that is convenient to carry when moving points.

[How to squeeze the fish]
Poke the attached needle pipe straight from the eyebrow of the fish to the side line . If the tip of the needle pipe hits the nerve, the fish reacts violently, but if there is no reaction , adjust the angle and try again. (For blue fish, the hollow between the eyebrows when you open your mouth is a mark.) Continue to insert the needle pipe and pass the wire through the hole at the back of the grip. Completed by passing the wire several times to the vicinity of the tail fin of the fish. At this time, if the wire hits the nerve at the correct angle, almost no force is required and the wire goes in smoothly. On the other hand, if you feel that the wire is hitting a hard object, it is highly likely that the wire is hitting fish meat or bones. stabbing again.

 *Click here for a more detailed explanation of nerve constriction.Nerve tightening commentary article


Nerve tightening short body × 1 formula


Wire: 1.0mm diameter

Length: 220mm

Needle pipe: 50mm length

target fish

Horse mackerel, mackerel, grunt, root fish, etc.

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