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A1747 EZ-Q Dart Master Rattle 3.5

A1747 EZ-Q Dart Master Rattle 3.5

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Size #3.5, 19g, 3.2sec./m

The long-awaited 3.5 size is also available!

Light dirt as it is "wave" "color" "sound"

Strong appeal to large squid with triple appeal!!!


All 20 colors are amazing!!
The most appealing colors and patterns in the history of the Easy Q® series!
  • sound SOUND

Equipped with an appealing shrimp sound!

  • WAVE

Appeal with the catchy waves of the fluttering footlights!


  • Triple appeal of wave, color and sound

    Light dirt as it is "wave" "color" "sound", triple appeal to highly active squid!

  • Patapata® Footlight



    Newly adopted "Patter Patter Foot Light" that inherits the catchable wave motion of Easy Q® Cast "Patter Patter Foot" while increasing dirt performance and flight distance and reducing pulling resistance. It is easy to handle and has an excellent total balance, and it is now possible to store it without choosing a storage case.


  • All 20 colors

    The most appealing colors and patterns in the history of the Easy Q® series!

  • Shrimp sound

    Reproduce the sound that echoes in the water when the shrimp bends its tail and escapes. Sound in water is about 4.4 times louder than in air. That's why it appeals so well.

  • Body color display at a glance

    luminous body
    blue noctilucent body
    keimura body
    kei pink body
    kay orange body

  • wave motion light body

    International Patent


    A body that reduces pulling resistance while maintaining the wave motion that can be caught from the uneven body that cannot be produced with conventional egi shapes.


  • real form

    A real shrimp form that makes a clear distinction from the conventional Oita type egg.

  • Trick hook Keimura specification


    Drastically reduced rooting. High recovery rate because the needle stretches moderately. Keimura specification with even higher appeal.

  • "Snaggless" Sinker

    An original sinker with improved action balance, reduced jerking resistance, and a shape that can be wound with thread weights.

  • DUEL Egi Performance Matrix Table


  • DUEL Egi performance comparison table


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