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A1733 PataPata-Q 3.5 (Rattle)

A1733 PataPata-Q 3.5 (Rattle)

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#3.5 19g 3.2sec/m

With the “triple appeal” of “sound”, “color development” and “wave”,
squid has no “blind spots”! !

The all-around "up-down glow" body and "patapata fin slim" make a strong appeal from the top, bottom, left and right!

  • Luminous
    / Blue Luminous Body
    / Luminous Body
    / Super Blue Luminous Body
  • Color
    and UV (Keimura) body
  • Wave
    /Luminous Patter® Fin Slim Patent
  • Sound
    /rattle "Shrimp sound"
  • New super blue luminous!!


  • looks best on blue noctilucent body squid

    Emission peak wavelength 488nm "Up Down Glow" adopted body. It is also possible to catch a few. Usable in all situations. Emission color is blue green.

  • "Up-and-down glow" body (only blue luminous)

    While the entire base has a high flushing appeal, the newly adopted "up-down glow" body appeals to squid from above and below with body light emission.

  • High appeal with high luminous body


  • Ultraviolet body It works for stray squid during the day! !


  • super blue luminous body

    Luminous power and lasting power "twice" than conventional blue luminous *SBZA, SBAJ, SBPI, SBOI, SBC only

  • Patapata® Fin Slim



    Attract squid with realistic waves! In order to appeal to bigfin squid, which is said to have the best eyesight among squids, with the same movement as the fins of small fish, we thoroughly analyzed the movement of small fish. When it receives the resistance of the water, it will flap and wave, and it will make you hold a squid without hesitation.


  • Rattle "shrimp sound" adopted

    Reproduce the sound that echoes in the water when the shrimp bends its tail and escapes. The speed of sound in water is about 4.4 times that in air. That's why it appeals so well.

  • snugless bumper



    It protects the lead and body, prevents deformation, prevents rooting, and enhances bottom sensing ability and sensitivity. In addition, it facilitates the fluctuation action after landing.


  • snagless sinker 2

    By flattening the back part of the sinker, when casting, the angle of flight that does not extend the flight distance is returned to the horizontal position by receiving wind resistance on the flat surface. As a result, the flight attitude is stable and the flight distance has been increased.

  • trick hook

    Drastically reduced rooting. High recovery rate because the needle stretches moderately.

  • YO-ZURI Egi Performance Matrix Table


  • YO-ZURI Egi Performance Matrix Table


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