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A1704 PataPata-Q 3.5

A1704 PataPata-Q 3.5

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Introducing the ultimate evolution!

Evolution ①
Equipped with a patter ® fin slim, it attracts squid with realistic waves!
Evolution ②
Reduce jerking resistance!
Size 3.5, 19g, 3.2sec/m

Patapata® Fin Slim


Attract squid with realistic waves!
In order to appeal to bigfin squid, which is said to have the best eyesight among squids, with the same movement as the fins of small fish, we thoroughly analyzed the movement of small fish. When it receives the resistance of the water, it will flap and wave, and it will make you hold a squid without hesitation.Click here for details

Reduce jerking resistance!

The ultra-shaped body reduces jerking resistance! Considering the burden on the arm, we reviewed the shape from scratch. As a result, by cutting off the fat to the limit, resistance during action is reduced, and it has evolved into an Egi that does not get tired even after using it all day.
Achieved 8% reduction in jerking resistance in analysis simulation and 10% reduction in measured value!Click here for details

snugless bumper


It protects the lead and body, prevents deformation, prevents rooting, and enhances bottom sensing ability and sensitivity. In addition, it facilitates the fluctuation action after landing.

snagless sinker 2

By flattening the back part of the sinker, when casting, the angle of flight that does not extend the flight distance is returned to the horizontal position by receiving wind resistance on the flat surface. As a result, the flight attitude is stable and the flight distance has been increased.

trick hook

Drastically reduced rooting.
High recovery rate because the needle stretches moderately.

Performance comparison of YO-ZURI bait wood

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