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HD brass alloy gear set (18 Ryoga 1016 black)

HD brass alloy gear set (18 Ryoga 1016 black)

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9.x:1 & 10.x:1 rippin' speed ratio HD brass allow gear set 18 Ryoga 1016 black.

Genuine Daiwa Heavy Duty Brass alloy gear sets. 

Plug-n-play replacement up to 9.x only, ratio change friendly, drag clicker sound disabled.

For Ratio 10:1, Minor mod on reel body & pinion bearing setup needed, comes with reinforced yoke.

Apply #DeuthlonSports #CeramicGearGrease #PowerDragGrease for best results.

NOT compatible with Ryoga 1520 or Ryoga silver or red Ryoga SV.

Gear set includes:
- Main/drive gear (HD brass alloy)
- Pinion gear (HD brass alloy)
- Reinforced yoke with stainless steel plate (ratio 10.x only)

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