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24 Tatula TW

24 Tatula TW

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“TATULA brand 10th anniversary!” 3rd generation TATULA debut with an eye on the next 10 years!

The new TATULA debuts with ``HYPERDRIVE DESIGN'' in the TATULA TW 100 series!
By refining the tough concept and high basic performance that are the core of the TATULA series, the basic performance has been greatly improved!
A model that has expanded and focused on “HYPERDRIVE DESIGN” globally!

*Salt compatible

Daiwa Technology

Aiming for long-lasting high initial performance, this is a next-generation design concept for bait (double-axis) reels that significantly raises the standard of all basic performance. Hyperdrive design is composed of up to 4 technologies. Smooth Hyper Double Support requires the installation of Hyper Drive Digi Gear, which maintains long-lasting rotation, and supports the drive of the gear to bring about strong and light winding. A hyper-armed housing that strongly supports the internal structure and resists bending and distortion. A hyper-tough clutch with an insulating structure that continues to operate even in harsh locations and dramatically reduces sticking caused by salt glue. These synergistic effects continue to demonstrate stable performance in all fields.
A newly designed gear system for baits and double-axis reels that pursues continuous strong and smooth rotation.Achieved an increased engagement rate without reducing the module (size) of the gear teeth, which is directly linked to durability. This is DAIWA's unique technology that allows the initial smoothness to last for a long time.
A housing system that firmly supports the internal structure with high rigidity and precision, producing precise winding comfort and power.It is a necessary condition to use a metal material for the frame, which is the key point, and in combination with the side plate and set plate, This makes it possible to continue demonstrating basic performance for an even longer period of time.
Not only does it have sharp on/off performance that continues to slide thousands or tens of thousands of times, but it also has a clutch system that is extremely trouble-free even in seawater with high salt concentrations. This is a state-of-the-art insulation structure that has already achieved a 99% reduction in energy consumption.
TWS has succeeded in significantly reducing the resistance at the line guide closest to the spool, where the spool rotational speed is highest. By reducing the resistance to flight distance, it not only improves flight distance and controllability even more than before, but also allows the ball to fall faster and reduce backlash. We have realized a new level wind possibility not only when winding but also when casting.
UTD (Ultimate Tournament Drag)
DAIWA's drag system eliminates the initial biting when the drag starts to work and achieves smoothness without stick (unevenness), while also providing maximum drag force that becomes more effective the more you tighten it.
zero adjuster
First, by adjusting the "zero adjuster" and setting the "spool play zero", it is now possible to control all lures with only the mag dial due to the evolution of the magnetic brake.
The "Zero Adjuster" is a mechanism that allows you to enjoy fishing comfortably without any malfunctions during fishing by adjusting to the "zero setting" before starting fishing.
*“Zero spool play” setting refers to the setting that is at the limit of not pushing the spool while leaving a slight play (about 0.2 mm).

Product details

■Brake characteristics
Equipped with MAGFORCE-Z brake. While maintaining the magnetic structure of MagForce, the induct rotor operates smoothly according to the rotation speed of the spool, making it possible to strengthen the brake in the first half of the cast and weaken it in the second half, resulting in a stretchy cast feel. It will be done. A brake mechanism with a proven track record that is easy to adjust braking force and strong against external environments.
■Spool characteristics
Equipped with a φ34mm (width 24mm) extra super duralumin spool. Following the 20TATULA SV TW, the spool is equipped with "super duralumin", which improves the response of the spool, improves castability, and improves the stable long-distance casting performance of his plug-type and hard lures, including big baits from 5g to 110g (approx. 4oz). realization.
■ Equipped with TWS
Significantly expands the line resistance range. Therefore, it flies well, has improved controllability, has a fast form, and has little backlash. TWS improves all basic performance of bait reel.
■Contributes to comfortable winding
Equipped with a 90mm aluminum crank handle and high-grip I-type power knob.

Ball bearing mounting location

・Pinion part: 1BB
・Both ends of gear shaft: 2BB
・Spool BB: 2BB
・Handle knob: 2BB (1BB per knob)

Product specs

item Standard weight (g) Winding length (cm/1 rotation of handle) gear ratio Standard winding amount nylon (lb-m) Handle arm length (mm) Bearing (ball/roller) Maximum drag force (kg) Spool dimensions (diameter mm) Spool dimensions (width mm) Handle knob specifications
24 Tatula TW 100 195 67 6.3 14-115_16-100 90 7/1 Five 34 twenty four HIP
24 Tatula TW 100L 195 67 6.3 14-115_16-100 90 7/1 Five 34 twenty four HIP
24 Tatula TW 100H 195 75 7.1 14-115_16-100 90 7/1 Five 34 twenty four HIP
24 Tatula TW 100HL 195 75 7.1 14-115_16-100 90 7/1 Five 34 twenty four HIP
24 Tatula TW 100XH 195 86 8.1 14-115_16-100 90 7/1 Five 34 twenty four HIP
24 Tatula TW 100XHL 195 86 8.1 14-115_16-100 90 7/1 Five 34 twenty four HIP
  • Manufacturer's suggested unit price is tax-excluded.
■Optional parts sold separately (recommended items)
- Handle knob: Compatible with S size knob
- Handle: RCSB carbon crank handle (80 mm - 95 mm)
       : RCSB crank handle (80 mm, 90 mm)
*Considering the size and balance of the reel, We recommend installing a handle arm up to 95mm.
*The amount of winding thread is a guideline and varies depending on the manufacturer, item, and tension.
*The winding length is the length per one rotation of the handle.
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