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24 Gekkabijin X LT2000S

24 Gekkabijin X LT2000S

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    The flowers that bloom at night continue to shine brighter.

    In 2005, the light salt game tackle ``Gekishita Bijin'' first appeared in DAIWA's lineup. The moonlit beauties dance like gorgeously blooming flowers, and the anglers are excited.
    Deal with horse mackerel, which is a familiar target but sometimes requires an extremely delicate approach, and old large rockfish, which hide behind rocks or in crevices of algae and wait for the bait to appear nearby while keeping an eye on their surroundings. A beauty tackle that has evolved over the years. From now on, Tsukisaka Bijin will continue to evolve together with anglers and provide them with pleasure and enjoyment that they have never experienced before. The lustrous glow of the moonlight beauty continues to illuminate the light salt game.

    High value model specially designed for light salt games

    A light salt game that requires delicate operations.
    24 Tsukishimibijin X is specially designed for light salt games with significantly improved winding sensitivity, operability, and trouble-free performance.
    Adopts AIRDRIVE DESIGN, a next-generation spinning reel design concept that allows you to manipulate the lure as you wish. For light salt games where you use lightweight lures, improved operability is a big advantage for catching fish. ZAION V's AIRDRIVE ROTOR is used for the rotor, which is the core technology of AIRDRIVE DESIGN and greatly contributes to the lightness of unwinding and winding sensitivity. The lightweight, low-inertia rotor greatly contributes to improved winding sensitivity, allowing you to sense underwater information such as the delicate hit of horse mackerel and changes in water flow. Also, in light salt games that use a lot of fine thread, line troubles can be very stressful. The synergistic effect of the AIRDRIVE ROTOR, which has no screws and has a shape that looks like it was cut out of a sphere, the new shape arm lever, and the AIRDRIVE BAIL, improves trouble-free performance and relieves stress.
    The drag uses ATD TYPE-L, which has improved initial response. By reducing line breaks when using light lines, you can fight with peace of mind.

    daiwa technology

    Air Drive Design is a next-generation spinning reel design concept that allows anglers to control the lure as they desire. The air drive design consists of up to four technologies. The air drive spool is equipped with an air drive rotor that unwinds easily and generates high-response rotation, resulting in a lightweight, trouble-free air drive bale, and a thin-walled air drive spool with unnecessary meat removed to the limit. , an air drive shaft that supports the main shaft with a high-precision collar and has a non-contact structure with the pinion gear, enabling light winding with extremely little rotational noise even under high loads. The synergistic effect of these and the improvement of the weight balance of the reel realize high-level operability.
    *24 Tsukishomijin X is equipped with AIRDRIVE ROTOR and AIRDRIVE BAIL.
    Using our unique theory, we have created a new shape that looks like it was cut directly from a sphere, and by thoroughly removing unnecessary flesh from it, we have achieved a significant weight reduction while maintaining rigidity. The lightness of unwinding has been dramatically improved, leading to improved operability and sensitivity.
    Adopts wire type AIRDRIVE BAIL. In order to further reduce the weight of the rotor unit, we have achieved a significant weight reduction while maintaining the necessary strength during actual fishing. The weight reduction of the rotor unit, including the veil, contributes to a significant reduction in rotational inertia. The rotational response has been refined to improve operability. The arm lever part has also adopted a new shape, greatly reducing thread entanglement.
    Make your reel lighter and stronger. Zion V (buoy) is a carbon hybrid resin developed for this purpose. By precisely controlling the amount of hybrid carbon, we have achieved a high level of lightness that surpasses metal and strength comparable to metal, as well as versatility that allows it to be installed on many reels. It inherits the essence of Zion, which can be said to be the MAX spec of carbon hybrid resin.
    In order to withstand harsh environments, a strong heart is required to support the reel. "Tough Digi Gear" provides smooth rotation for a longer period of time.
    DAIWA's unique waterproof structure creates a magnetic Magoil wall in the gap between the body and rotor to shut out seawater and dust.
    LC-ABS (Long cast ABS)
    While maintaining the concept of reducing contact resistance of ABS II, by bringing the contact point forward, smoother line release is achieved. The effect of the ring part being brought forward makes it difficult for the line to ride on the ring, and we have succeeded in increasing the distance by approximately 5% and improving trouble-free performance over the conventional ABS II. This is a next generation ABS spool that realizes LC (=LONG CAST).
    ATD that operates smoothly according to the pull of the fish and continues to work smoothly. ATD TYPE-L has improved initial response. In pursuit of start-up and tracking performance, it is now possible to concentrate on the fight without worrying about drag settings.

    Product details

    ■High grip I type finesse knob
    Adopts a "high grip I-type finesse knob" that matches delicate fishing. The lightweight, hollowed-out knob enables reeling with light force, contributing to improved winding sensitivity. Improved winding sensitivity is a big advantage in light salt fishing.
    High grip specification ensures firm grip performance and ease of grip despite being small and lightweight.
    ■Engine plate
    The engine plate features a crescent moon motif, which is the icon of a beautiful woman under the moon.
    The design, with attention to detail, brings a sense of happiness even when you're not fishing.
    ■Perfect line stopper
    A new line stopper that is compatible with both thin threads such as PE and thick threads such as leaders. The horizontally long shape saves space in the vertical direction and also contributes to reducing the weight of the spool.

    Item introduction

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    item explanation
    LT1000S-P With a winding length of 60cm per handle rotation, it is recommended for use in fishing where slow retrieval of a single jig is the main method.
    LT2000S-P It mainly supports slow retrieval of single jigs and lightweight plugs, as well as agitating and mebaring.
    LT2000S A normal gear model that supports the widest range of fishing in the light salt game.
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    ・Warning card
    ・Warning list (11 languages)
    ・Spool position adjustment washer
    ・Simple instruction manual (4 languages)
    *The instruction manual for 24 Gekishimibijin X is available on the web.

    Release month


    Product specs

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    item Standard weight (g) Winding length (cm/1 rotation of handle) gear ratio Standard winding amount nylon (lb-m) Standard winding thread amount PE (No. m) Handle arm length (mm) Bearing (ball/roller) Maximum drag force (kg) Handle knob specifications
    24 month beauty X LT1000S-P 185 60 4.8 2.5-100 0.3-200 40 5/1 Five HG-I type finesse
    24 month beauty X LT2000S-P 190 63 4.8 3-150 0.4-200 40 5/1 Five HG-I type finesse
    24 month beauty X LT2000S 190 68 5.2 3-150 0.4-200 45 5/1 Five HG-I type finesse
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