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24 DG-7124 Salt Game Gloves

24 DG-7124 Salt Game Gloves

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Ideal for fishing with strong tackle. Supports jigging games by effectively applying reinforcement.

Short type that does not hinder wrist movement.
The palm is padded and the back side is made of quick-drying stretch material.
The sides of the index finger and little finger, where threads tend to rub, are reinforced with genuine leather.
In addition, the thumb is reinforced with genuine leather, making it compatible with both spinning and bait reel.
Adopts soft neoprene reinforcement on the fingers where the reel foot hits.
Available in S (ladies size).

*Please do not stack the product on top of other items or leave it unattended while it is wet with water or sweat.
 This will cause bleaching and dye transfer.
*Products that are wet with water, seawater, sweat, etc. will discolor.
 Also, please note that adding friction will make the color fade even more easily.

Other functions

By using a material with excellent stretchability that follows intense movements, it provides stress-free comfort and a comfortable fit that won't strain during movement.

Product details

■Reinforcement on the little finger side


Instep: Main body/Synthetic leather
  Main body/83% polyester, 17% polyurethane
  Part/Synthetic leather
  part/Chloroprene rubber
Palm: Main body/Synthetic leather
  part/Synthetic leather
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