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24 DE-5124 BUG BLOCKER® Hoodie Shirt

24 DE-5124 BUG BLOCKER® Hoodie Shirt

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Easily protect against insects like a rash guard!

A light and stretchy material with insect repellent properties.
The fabric structure has excellent elasticity and is smooth to the touch, providing a gentle fit to the body.
``BUG BLOCKER'' makes it difficult for flying insects to approach the fabric, and even if they stop, they will escape, making it difficult to get bitten. Equipped with a face guard that covers the top of the nose.
The cuffs have finger loops that prevent the sleeves from rolling up even when you move your arms vigorously, such as when casting.
An environmentally friendly product made from 100% recycled polyester.

Other functions

An insect repellent material that has microcapsules fixed to the fabric to keep insects away. Flying insects are less likely to approach the fabric, and even if they stop, they will escape, reducing the number of insect bites.
UV cut
By using materials that block harmful ultraviolet rays, you can protect your bare skin from sunburn and prevent skin problems.
By using a material with excellent stretchability that follows intense movements, it provides stress-free comfort and a comfortable fit that won't strain during movement.
Recycled polyester material: BE EARTH-FRIENDRY
Collected polyester products such as plastic bottles are returned to raw materials and recycled into new fabrics. This product contains some recycled polyester material. We always think about the earth, which is our field, when we act.

Product details


■Face cover

■Finger loop

■Bug blocker piss name

Wearing image

Height: 180cm Chest: 87.5cm Waist: 74cm Hips: 90cm
Wearing size: L


Body: 100% polyester
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