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24 DC-3324 Stream Jet Cap

24 DC-3324 Stream Jet Cap

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Lightweight cap that goes perfectly with helmets

The main body is made of mesh fabric and is breathable, so it can be worn comfortably even if you wear a helmet that tends to get stuffy. The size can be adjusted using the spindle rubber on the back. The brim is short, allowing you to maintain a wide field of vision when rowing in the bushes. You can flip up the brim when you want to have a clear view above the trees, or when the wind is strong and your hat is about to be blown away. The back of the brim is black to prevent glare from the water surface and make it easier to see.

Other functions

Black brim specification
By using a black material on the back of the brim, it reduces the flickering that occurs when the back of the brim reflects light.
The fabric surface repels water droplets and does not contain moisture. Always keep your clothes lightweight and dry.
*It is not waterproof.
*Water repellency will decrease with use.
■Water repellent


Body: 100% polyester
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