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23 TB Squid Stocker

23 TB Squid Stocker

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Convenient for storing and taking out egi and squid metal!
  • Optional parts for tackle boxes specialized for storing Egi and Ikametal.
  • Can store 48 books smartly
  • Comes with a drain hole and can be washed completely
  • Made of sturdy, impact-resistant polypropylene material
  • System can be stored in TB3000/4000/5000
  • Comes with anti-slip rubber that can be used alone
Specification details
■Large storage capacity
Can store 48 pieces of egi, squid metal, and sutte.
■Can be washed completely with drain hole
After fishing, there is a hole in the bottom of the case, so you can wash it with the egi in it.
■With anti-slip seal
Since it comes with an anti-slip seal, it can be taken out of the tackle box and used alone.
TB squid stocker
Color Self weight
white 440
green 440
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