23 Swagger C66ML-LM

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Product name Overall length
Number of joints
Tip diameter/base diameter
lure weight Compatible line taper Carbon
(g) (oz.) (lb.) PE (No.)
C66ML-LM 1.98 2 172 107 1.9/12.8 3.5-21 1/8-3/4 6-14 - F. 99


C66ML-LM is an item focused on cranking that awakens many bass anglers.
The aim was to shoot with the utmost precision no matter how difficult the casting was, and to bring the lure to the bite by not pulling the lure too much while retrieving it, and making the lure swim lively with a firm slackline. Then, hang the bite firmly and catch it without falling apart.
In order to achieve this, all the fibers in the axial direction that control the tone of the rod are made of low-elasticity carbon "Low Modulus", and the fast taper tip with a tough butt is finished with a "V-shaped taper", and the X45 full shield The one and only blank tightened with.
By making the tip "V-shaped taper", regardless of the weight of the lure, the air resistance, and the swing speed of the angler, it is easy to cast by concentrating the weight of the lure, and the swing speed is increased even with a lightweight lure. With a slow swing without raising the trajectory of the lure, you can insert the lure with a gentle landing sound with a low trajectory without raising the trajectory. When you start retrieving, the tip of the letter dances, and it is possible to retrieve with line slack. Not only does the lure swim lively, but it also has a high winding sensitivity when retrieving, and when you bite it, you can put it on without flipping it and hang it with a strong bat. On the other hand, when the cover contacts, the tapered tip acts as a shock absorber and avoids the stack. The contradictory elements of cranking are combined into a single rod to create a "catchable" cranking rod that convinces even true hard bait experts.

Application: Shallow Diving Crankbait / Medium Diving Crankbait / Tiny Crankbait / Flat Sided Crankbait / Shad Plug