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23 Steez A II TW 1000H

23 Steez A II TW 1000H

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Steez A II TW
Product name Winding length
handle 1 rotation)
gear ratio Weight
drag force
winding amount
winding amount
(No. -m)
Spool dimensions
(diameter mm/width mm)
1000 67 6.3 190 6 14-100
34/24 90 10/1
1000L 67 6.3 190 6 14-100
34/24 90 10/1
1000H 75 7.1 190 6 14-100
34/24 90 10/1
1000HL 75 7.1 190 6 14-100
34/24 90 10/1
1000XH 90 8.5 190 5.5 14-100
34/24 90 10/1
1000XHL 90 8.5 190 5.5 14-100
34/24 90 10/1



Both long-distance and short-distance casts are decided more.
STEEZ A TW, which has delivered tough and stable windings to many people, has evolved into the second generation. Fully armed with the next-generation bait reel design concept "HYPERDRIVE DESIGN" with the toughness cultivated in the tough tournament trails in the United States. While maintaining the robustness of HYPER ARMED HOUSING (FULL-AL), which has become familiar to anglers, HYPERDRIVE DIGEAR has further refined the rotation performance, realizing smooth and high-power winding even under high load. Of course, it also has high durability.
 The STEEZ A II TW is equipped with a newly developed φ34mm G1 duralumin ultra-high precision MAG-Z BOOST spool. The total weight of the spool is reduced by stocking "only the necessary amount of line" by making the groove shallower. As a result, the rise of the spool is improved, and the practical casting performance required in tough fields is one of the attractions.
 High grip I shape large knob (S knob type) and newly designed 90mm AL handle that assists in reliable winding. In addition, even the star drag has been converted to AL, and the drag adjustment & drag drawer click and MAGSEALED ball bearings are standard equipment. A tough long throw model “STEEZ A II TW” that is solid not only for bass but also for salt. The true answer that modern anglers seek is condensed there.

Optimal solution for modern bass fishing that turns shallow grooves "-10m" into a plus
 With the STEEZ A II TW, we boldly challenged not only the winding but also the flying revolution. Ultra-lightweight and highly rigid G1 material, Φ34mm spool diameter is the same as the predecessor, but a new scalpel was added to the spool winding surface, so-called shallow groove. And a new brake unit.
 The narrowed line capacity is 14lb.-100m/16lb.-90m. The number is slightly below 16lb.-100m, which is synonymous with the basic bait reel so far. What does it mean to be 10 meters less than before, while fully stocking thick threads? There is a true answer that the modern scene seeks there.
 The truth is that the lighter the weight of the spool, the better the rotation performance and response. In order to survive the tough modern world, it is also true to reduce the weight of the entire spool by narrowing down the line that is the direct contact with the fish. In order to increase the probability of encountering one fish, everything must be smooth and trouble-free, and not only long-distance casting performance but also high accuracy that can be shot with low trajectory is required.
 If so, the line to be stored in the spool should have enough stock for actual battle. The new spool, which sacrifices 16 lb. x 10 m, marks a weight reduction of about 5% compared to the conventional spool unit when the thread is wound. In order to further improve the cast feel, it has been finished as a modern specification high response spool without excess fat.
 On the other hand, the brake unit, which is the key to flight distance, incorporates a masterpiece called MAG-Z BOOST. A setting that emphasizes flight distance that maximizes long casting performance, originating from MAGFORCE-Z, which is highly compatible with medium and heavy lures. After avoiding the backlash zone, the two-stage induct rotor instantly returns one stage to extend the flight distance from the middle of the cast to just before landing on the water without stagnation. The synergistic effect with the level wind TWS with a large opening makes it possible to step into an unknown zone.
 Excellent long throw performance is the ideal potential that everyone imagines. Shortening the distance to the fish is directly linked to simply increasing the probability of bite chances. In addition, you can expect a straightforward bite of the original fish without giving pressure or discomfort by erasing the angler's signs. Full casting is a matter of course, but even short pitch casting will lead to a clear difference in the last stretch.

TWS greatly reduces the resistance at the line guide near the spool, where the spool rotation speed is the highest, and promises comfortable fishing with little backlash. It flies well, has better control, falls faster, and has less backlash. TWS improves all basic performance of bait reels.
Due to the structure of the bait reel, sea water cannot be avoided from the gap between the spool and the body, and the ball bearing of the pinion gear part is most affected by salt water. In the STEEZ A II TW series, one mag shield ball bearing is adopted for the pinion gear support on the mechanical brake knob side, which is the most salty and difficult to maintain. By realizing further waterproofness and durability, the initial performance is maintained.
Eliminates the initial biting at the beginning of the drag effect, and achieves smoothness without stick (unevenness) and has the maximum drag force that works the more you tighten it.
Other technologies
image "BOOST SYSTEM that brings out the long throw performance of MAGFORCE-Z to the limit"
MAG-Z boost is a setting that emphasizes flight distance that brings out the long throw performance of MAGFORCE-Z to the limit. MAGFORCE-Z is not suitable for lightweight lures due to its characteristic of operating the induct rotor with centrifugal force. On the other hand, it is ideal for long throws of medium and heavy lures, and the flight distance increases as much as you input. BOOST revolution there. After avoiding the backlash zone, by instantly returning one step, the maximum flight distance was achieved with a relaxed trajectory from the middle of the cast to just before landing.
■G1 duralumin Φ34mm spool
A special aluminum alloy called G1 duralumin, which is twice as strong as magnesium and 1.3 times as strong as extra super duralumin. The material that maintains its ultra-light weight and excellent rigidity is the highest grade of lightweight alloy that is also used for aircraft structural materials and precision equipment. If you maintain the same strength, you can achieve an overwhelming lightness, so it is possible to maintain sufficient strength only by thinning without blanking on the winding surface of the spool. The high rotation response brought about by the lightness, and the accuracy of rotation due to the high rigidity are unrivaled.
■ Drag drawer click
The drag drawer click is a structure that makes a click sound so that the drag operation can be discerned by the sound when the line is drawn out in a fight with a fish.
The drag sound was particular about its exquisite sound quality and size.
■ Zero shaft
The spool is only supported by the BB. Shaftless eliminates excess resistance and provides ideal spool rotation.
In other words, it is the cornerstone of a high-output engine that prioritizes casting performance.
The spool mechanism, which was once called the speed shaft, will be renamed "zero shaft" in 2021.
■ Zero adjuster
First, by adjusting the "zero adjuster" and implementing the "spool backlash zero" setting, it became possible to control all lures only with the mag dial due to the evolution of the magnetic brake.
"Zero adjuster" is a mechanism that allows you to enjoy fishing comfortably without malfunctions during fishing by adjusting to "zero setting" before starting fishing.
* "Spool backlash zero" setting is the last minute setting that does not push the spool while leaving a minute backlash (about 0.2mm).
Feature comparison
spool Made of G1 duralumin Made of G1 duralumin
Standard winding amount 14lb-100m/16lb-90m 14lb-115m/16lb-100m
Gear ratio development 6.3/7.1/8.5 5.3/6.3/7.1/8.1
star drag Large diameter & long arm star drag (made by AL) Large diameter & long arm star drag (made of resin)
handle knob High grip I shape large knob Flat type high grip knob
number of bearings 10/1 8/1
A light response is essential ~ Shuya Akabane ~
 The STEEZ A TW, which has been loved as a power system with a thick thread wrapped around it, has become even more comfortable with the HYPERDRIVE DESIGN. What should be noted is the winding feeling of cranks and spinnerbaits used with a gear ratio of 6.3. Changes in vibration and blade rotation are transmitted in detail and clear, making it easy to imagine the underwater situation. I think it's an advantage because it's full metal's A. I use 8.5 for fishing that requires good returns such as frogs and shooting objects, and 7.1 for Hebicaro and Texas bottom tracing.
 Special mention about flying. With MAG-ZBOOST, snake caro flies comfortably. Matching with the STEEZ Strike Force makes it fly even further, and it also catches long-distance bites well, so you can hang it firmly and not fall apart.
 Although the amount of winding thread has decreased, it is rather just right. It was too much until now. I always reduce the amount of thread to be wound from the standard amount, and I emphasize start-up, but the lighter spool makes the start-up even better. Also, thanks to the extension in the latter half of the cast, the lure lands beautifully on the water, which is important in this tough era.
You can experience the sensitivity of the bait reel-Takuya Hashimoto-
 My first impression was that it had a more STEEZ feel and more fearlessness. I think anyone can feel the unique style of the highest peak at a glance.
 HYPERDRIVE DESIGN is great. It is finished at a level where you can be honestly impressed by the smooth and silky winding comfort. Sensitivity is not something that only rods are responsible for. Once again, I think that you can realize that the role of the bait reel is also big. Since there is no noise on the reel, you can get the purest underwater information from your hands.
 The feel of the bottom becomes clear not only for scrolls but also for shooting fishing. The more nervous the fishing, where the slightest difference makes the difference between light and dark, the more you can see the difference. Furthermore, for example, the STEEZ BADGER 68 has even more sensitivity, so if you use it in combination, you can definitely experience a different dimension of super sensitivity.
 At home Kasumigaura, distance is generally not considered important, but there is no doubt that it is advantageous to fly even a little. MAG-ZBOOST's long throw performance is reliable. In my case, gear ratio 6 is used for cranks and other things that have pulling resistance, and gear ratio 8 is used for warming and frogs such as snake caro.
Rock-solid long-distance throwing performance desired by Clear Lake ~Takahiro Miyake~
 Equipped with MAG-Z BOOST while maintaining rigidity and good balance. This is the perfect weapon for me as I live on Big Lake in Clearwater.
 The flight distance is really great! MAGFORCE-Z is originally designed for medium to heavy lures, but compared to before, 1/4 to 3/8 oz. class light weight spinnerbaits and 5g Texas are easier to cast. It's a happy miscalculation that the range of applications has expanded. By making it BOOST, the flight distance is extended without backlash, and it also leads to improved throwing feeling in short casts.
 Offshore fishing is the main focus of Big Lake, isn't it? Unlike shallow with targets, the main fishing is to explore a wide weed area. So, the farther you can cast it, the closer you get to the fish and the farther away you are from the angler, and the more likely you are to get a bite. I'm happy that the outstanding cast feel that the lightweight spool brings naturally raises the accuracy.
 High spec that not only big lake but also reservoir angler can understand. The versatility that can be used in every field is also increasing.
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