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23 Silver Wolf Rough Trick 90F

23 Silver Wolf Rough Trick 90F

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silver wolf rough trick
Standard equipment hook
90 13.5 Saxus Treble #6
A large pencil exclusively for tinning that quickly searches the estuaries of vast urban rivers.
A large size pencil bait exclusively for chinning that sets it apart from conventional chining plugs. In a vast estuary area, it is important to have a casting distance that can cover a wide range and appeal power by pushing water. Even in rough conditions, the weight balance that realizes comfortable casting and stable action has made it possible to comfortably fish even in situations that could not be captured with conventional size plugs.
Specification details
■We are particular about the position of the front hook.
Fish eaters with large mouths such as sea bass and bass often suck in small fish from the head when preying, but for chinu, most of the bites are on the side of the body and backward, so the position of the front hook eye is set about 5 mm backward compared to general bass and sea bass lures. This slight difference contributes to the improvement of the hooking rate.
Local handmade pencil "Imapen Ayu 90" which became the base of rough tricks.
Based on this lure, it is injected. With its floating posture and not-too-wide dog walk, it does not repel Chinu's bite and has a very high hooking performance.
■Weight placement that sticks to the attitude during flight
In chinning in the mouth of a large river, it is often used by full casting toward offshore, and a longer casting performance is required than conventional plugs. By arranging the weight balls in a straight line connecting the line eye and the rear eye, the flight posture during casting is stabilized, realizing an exhilarating cast feel without blurring.
tester impression
Rough Trick is a pencil bait exclusively for chinning born in Yodogawa, Osaka, the mecca of chinning.

Conventional top water plugs for chinning have a small body size that is intended for use in small places where casting distance is not required, in shallow water, and on calm water surfaces. Along with the one-knocker sound produced by the large weight ball, it appeals to black sea bream.

Open areas that require a long flight distance, rough water that is clattered by wind and waves, and high tide timing that was said to be "the end of time" with rising tide levels. It has become possible to appeal its presence even in situations where conventional small poppers and pencils could not cut it, and to make black sea bream break the surface of the water.

"Calling" pencil bait that expands the possibilities of Chinu top. That's Rough Trick.
“SaqSas” that never misses a chance with amazing penetrating power
image Surface treatment technology with amazing penetrating power that could not be achieved with conventional plating. By applying a special fluorine-based plating process to the surface of the tension, the sticking performance is increased by up to 40% (average about 20%) compared to conventional paint tension (compared to our company). Catch small bites and short bites that could not be matched until now without missing. Once you experience the “crispy and sticky” sensation that is completely different from what you have experienced so far, it should be an unforgettable experience. In addition, since it is a stick that sticks very well, we would like you to be more careful when handling it.
image  image 
[Surface electron micrograph]
[Penetration power comparison data graph]
(The lower the number, the easier it is to penetrate.)

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