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23 Saltiga 5000-XH

23 Saltiga 5000-XH

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product name Winding length
(cm/handle 1 rotation)
gear ratio Weight
Maximum drag force (kg) Standard winding amount
PE (No. -m)
Handle length (mm) handle knob
5000-XH 104 6.2 365 15 2.5-300
12/1 65 AL round L
(S compatible)

  • 5000-XH Shore Casting, LJ,
    Boat Sawara

    PE2.5-300m Gear ratio 6.2
    "Standard" 5000-XH in light shore jigging. Especially recommended for shore blue-runner games that use PE1.5 to PE2.5. The best match for Spanish mackerel game aiming for a good type from a boat. The winding speed of 104 cm demonstrates its power in the situation of "speed competition" that is often encountered in blue-runner games. Also, with the first casting from a boat moving by inertia, it responds quickly with its winding length. Even though it is an extra high gear, it can handle reeling under high load and fighting with large fish. Since the 5000 size achieves a maximum drag force of 15 kg, high-strength SUS is used for the main shaft.


  • Ryota Segawa

    SALTIGA 6000 size Impression “TOUGH”

    This 23 SALTIGA 6000-H is finished in a reel that has the strength and texture appropriate for the "SALTIGA" name. The first thing I felt when I picked up the reel was the feeling of a lump of metal. Although it has a compact body, it has a weight that makes you expect power, and the high quality of the details is unique to the flagship model.

    Although the 23 SALTIGA had a high degree of perfection when it was used in the initial stage of development, it has been improved repeatedly in subsequent tests, and it seems that it has become a reel equipped with even higher performance.
    For example, the handle knob, which anglers touch for a long time, has been devised to increase the grip by increasing the grooved part, and the drag knob can be smoothly adjusted when wearing gloves. The shape has been improved, and personally I was very happy. In addition, the veil can be opened and closed with one shot, making it extremely comfortable to use.

    Ryota Segawa

    Regarding this reel, I tested it with amberjack jigging, but what I felt most in actual fishing was the strength of the winding. Although it is a small number, it has a full metal monocoque body, so it exhibits a strong winding performance with almost no twisting or bending.
    In addition, the 70mm long handle is adopted for the 6000 size, so I think that it is a product that you can feel the thoughts of the development team focusing on the strength of winding. In fact, I was able to wind it tightly even under a heavy load. The action of jerking the jig feels light, so you don't feel tired, and you can keep your concentration until the end of long fishing trips such as expeditions, which is a good part of this reel.

  • shore

    Masaki Matsunaga

    SALTIGA 6000 size Impression “TOUGH”

    I rely a lot on the strength of Daiwa aluminum monocoque spinning reels to perfect my fishing. I am extremely happy that the addition of a small model to the SALTIGA spinning reel with its robust monocoque body has led to the fishing that I wanted.

    My fishing style is mainly casting from the shore. I'm fishing for amberjack, yellowtail, and monster-class blackfin seabass. In my own fishing, there are situations where power is required even with a small number. No. 5000 and No. 6000 are the best sizes for blackfin sea bass on the rocks of Kyushu. However, in Kyushu, it is a daily occurrence that vegetables are mixed in such fishing trips. With a small number reel that anglers are at an overwhelming disadvantage, you have to face blue fish such as high-speed runner Hagatsuo and sometimes powerful amberjack. However, the power of the 23 SALTIGA, which has a full metal monocoque body and tough digital gears made of G1 duralumin, has become a reliable presence at such times. It is possible to fight against the running of blue-runners without losing.

    Masami Matsunaga

    Also, the 23 SALTIGA is equipped with a new aluminum air drive rotor, which is one of the factors that makes it reassuring. As a result, even when winding with a high load, there is less deflection and the power of winding is further improved.

    Furthermore, this air drive rotor makes the rotation lighter. As a result, I feel that the operation of minnows and sinking pens can be done very comfortably.

    In addition, there is another thing that I really like about the 23 SALTIGA. It is a newly designed air drive bale. After the jig hits the bottom, when you put the action in immediately, the veil can be returned comfortably and reliably, and the unwinding is light. As a result, the bottom strategy rework has improved dramatically.

    I like the 23 SALTIGA so much that I can say "the reel was made for me". Numbers 5000 and 6000 are the best sizes for shore jigging not only in Kyushu but also in various areas around the country. By all means, I would like many people to experience the greatness of this 23 SALTIGA.



Ryosuke Yoshikiyo and Tomoya Suenaga

  • Offshore

    Ryosuke Kissei

    SALTIGA 6000 size Impression “TECHNICAL”

    I have been using the 6000-H for jigging for amberjack and yellowtail. After using it a few times, I felt that compared to other similar size reels, the monocoque body and AIRDRIVE DESIGN make it easier to wind, and the reel itself is lighter. What's more, the take-up is strong.

    Until now, many spinning reels were light = weak and heavy = strong. It's easy to write in letters, but this is amazing. The full-metal monocoque body is equipped with a large-diameter G1 duralumin tough digital gear, and the AIRDRIVE DESIGN aluminum air drive rotor is installed to achieve amazing winding performance.

    I think some people find it physically demanding to keep jigging all day long. However, if it has "light and strong" performance, even those who are not confident in their physical strength and women can use it throughout the day, and even if a large fish hits, they can face it with confidence with its strength.

    By the way, regarding the 6000-H that we tested this time, some people may think that the drag value is low due to its small size, but it is equipped with a solid drag. For jigging in Sotobo, where I usually steer the boat and often fish, I mainly use PE3-4. Sometimes I attack shallow areas with jigs, and in such places, casting performance that throws jigs under is required, so there are many selections up to size 4. Even if a kingfish weighing more than 10kg hits, I will not stop fishing by applying a high load with No. 4. I think that amberjack, which is larger than that, can often be caught by running it to some extent.

    Ryosuke Yoshikiyo

    Also, in casting, there are situations where using a small plug of 12 to 13 cm will increase the catch rate. At that time, if PE3 is used for small plugs, sufficient flight distance can be obtained. Even in such a case, the 6000-H, which is light and has strong winding and drag, is useful.

    For those who have never tried offshore jigging and casting, compared to other fishing, there are cases where people yearn for "I want to do it someday!" However, if you prepare only large tackles for large fish in offshore games, it is difficult to make small tricks effective, and it is even more difficult for beginners to handle. However, it is easy to handle with a tackle equipped with 6000-H. And I feel that this high versatility is compatible with various sizes and fish species.

  • Offshore

    Tomoya Suenaga

    SALTIGA 6000 size Impression “TECHNICAL”

    This reel may change the offshore jigging scene greatly in the future. Because I used the 6000-H and 6000-XH in my testing and it was such a big surprise. To put it simply, this number, this torque, and the good reeling response were more than surprising and impressive.

    First, let's talk about torque. The benefits of the aluminum monocoque body and the large diameter G1 duralumin machine cut tough digital gear are great, and I was able to fish without stress in the Hirado/Kamigoto area where I go, where the water depth is about 60m, and sometimes over 100m. The deeper the water, the heavier the jig. Reel power is also required to control heavy jigs with the intended action. The combination of an aluminum monocoque body, a large diameter G1 duralumin machine cut tough digital gear, a 70mm handle, and a round knob that makes palming easier, creates torque that has never been seen before in the 6000 class, allowing you to fish as intended even in deep water. I was able to expand.

    And what I want to convey most with this reel is the reeling response. Jigging needs to detect information from underwater during the day and make use of it for the next development. When the water depth is deep, the amount of line that comes out is large, and the sensitivity to information in the water becomes ambiguous, but it boasts smooth and powerful winding and high rigidity after suppressing the inertia of the rotor rotation. The aluminum air drive rotor increased the winding sensitivity and provided more information from underwater. In addition, the reeling response has also been improved, making it possible to expand from powerful fishing to technical fishing that responds to fine changes in hand.

    Tomoya Suenaga

    As for the drag, an ATD with a carbon washer is adopted, and the smooth start of the drag makes it possible to unexpectedly pull a large object on a light line. Jigging for cold amberjack in the winter of the Genkai Sea is doTERRA sinking in an area with a depth of over 100m. It is best to use a light line to control the resistance of the tide while fishing. However, the yellowtail that hits may exceed 10 kg, and ATD is essential for such fish. Conversely, when you want to tighten the drag, you can tighten the drag up to 15kg, so if you want to fight large fish without pulling out the line in complex shallows or fish reefs, you can tighten the drag firmly. .

    Furthermore, the power after hitting the fish is also excellent. Aluminum monocoque body, large diameter G1 duralumin machine cut tough digital gear, 70mm handle, aluminum air drive rotor, all technologies are combined to create power comparable to large counts. I got the impression that it was smooth from the start, and that I could take the initiative from the moment it hit, and that I could get closer and closer to the landing.

    This reel not only makes the fishing that has been developed with 6000 class reels more comfortable, but also develops new fishing in areas where fishing was not possible without large number reels. I think that it is a reel that opens up a new era, where you can enjoy bargaining with fish in various approaches.


    • Saltiga 4000/5000/6000 DEBUT!

      Saltiga 4000/5000/6000 DEBUT!

      Saltiga 4000/5000/6000 DEBUT!

    • Saltiga 6000-H/6000-XH Ryota Segawa JIGGING impression

      Saltiga 6000-H/6000-XH Ryota Segawa JIGGING impression

      Saltiga 6000-H/6000-XH
      Ryota Segawa JIGGING impression

    • Saltiga 6000-H/6000-XH Ryosuke Yoshikiyo & Tomoya Suenaga JIGGING impression

      Saltiga 6000-H/6000-XH Ryosuke Yoshikiyo & Tomoya Suenaga JIGGING impression

      Saltiga 6000-H/6000-XH
      Ryosuke Yoshikiyo & Tomoya Suenaga JIGGING impression

  • The next stage of the strongest reel.  23 SALTIGA, your indispensable partner on the shore

    The next stage of the strongest reel.  23 SALTIGA, your indispensable partner on the shore

    The next stage of the strongest reel.
    23 SALTIGA, your indispensable partner on the shore

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