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23 Lexa LT

23 Lexa LT

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Adopts AIRDRIVE DESIGN. Tahrir “LEXA” has achieved a high level of operability

The drive gear, which is the heart of the "LEXA" reel, was developed with tough fishing scenes in mind , and is equipped with Tough DigiGear.
The outer core body material is made of high-strength aluminum.
Furthermore, by installing a mag shield on the pinion part, we have achieved the high rigidity and durability that are synonymous with LEXA.
By adopting a new AIRDRIVE DESIGN, we have improved the lightness of unwinding and weight balance, achieving a high level of operability.
It shows its true value in scenes that require toughness, such as shore jigging, sea bass, SLJ, and rock fish games.
Air Drive Design is a next-generation spinning reel design concept that allows anglers to manipulate the lure as they desire. The air drive design consists of up to four technologies. 23LEXA is equipped with AIRDRIVE ROTOR, AIRDRIVE BAIL, and AIRDRIVE SPOOL.
■AIRDRIVE ROTOR (made by ZAION V) "Reason for pursuing low inertia"
DAIWA continues to work on improving the rotational response of the spinning reel rotor. Based on its own theory, DAIWA has created a new shape that looks like it was cut directly from a sphere. By thoroughly removing unnecessary meat, we succeeded in significantly reducing weight while maintaining rigidity. This has dramatically improved the lightness of unwinding, leading to improved operability and sensitivity.
23LEXA is equipped with AIRDRIVE ROTOR made by ZAION V. The "strong and light" rotor provides powerful winding and light unwinding.
■AIRDRIVE BAIL "Even more trouble-free"
Wire type AIRDRIVE BAIL is used. In order to further reduce the weight of the rotor unit, we have achieved a significant weight reduction while maintaining the strength required during actual fishing. The weight reduction of the rotor unit, including the veil, contributes to a significant reduction in rotational inertia. The rotational response has been refined to improve operability. The arm lever part has also adopted a new shape, greatly reducing thread entanglement.
■AIRDRIVE SPOOL "New design that reflects the future"
Based on careful strength calculations, unnecessary flesh has been thoroughly removed to achieve a thin wall design that is lightweight. No compromises have been made, not only in the thin wall design of the bobbin winding section and spool skirt section, but also in the thinning of the interior of the spool. The lighter spool improves ease of unwinding and ease of casting. Furthermore, we have newly developed a drag sounding mechanism with less operating resistance. Achieved improved response during drag operation.
unique waterproof structure that shuts out the intrusion of seawater and dust by creating a magnetic oil wall and maintains light and smooth initial rotation performance for a long period of time. This technology is installed in the pinion part of the 23LEXA. The waterproofness and durability have been further improved to achieve high waterproofness.
■ATD TYPE-L "Followability is different"
ATD TYPE-L maintains the characteristics of ATD that continues to work smoothly according to the pull of the fish, but further improves the initial response of the spinning reel. Tuning has been done to ensure a smooth start, further reducing the load on the line, and making it possible to land in a short time without putting excessive stress on the fish.

In consideration of use in tougher environments, we have adopted highly durable ATD (carbon washer specification) for large counts (5000 and 6000).
■Tough Digigear
A strong core that can withstand harsh environments is essential. Adopts "Tough Digi Gear" which provides smooth rotation for a longer time. It can be used without hesitation for large fish.
■LC-ABS (Long Cast-ABS) ``Further Distance''
While maintaining the idea of ​​reducing contact resistance of ABS II, smoother line release is achieved by bringing the contact point forward. The ring part moves forward, making it difficult for the line to ride on the ring, resulting in approximately 5% more flight distance and trouble-free performance compared to the conventional ABS II. This is the next generation ABS spool that truly realizes LC (=LONG CAST).
■Perfect Line Stopper
A new line stopper that is compatible with both thin threads such as PE and thick threads such as leaders. The horizontally long shape saves space in the vertical direction and also contributes to reducing the weight of the spool.
Specification details
■Highly rigid aluminum body
The body material uses aluminum, which boasts high rigidity. It suppresses body distortion and can be used with confidence even during tough use.
Ball bearing mounting location

・Pinion part 2BB (SUS)
・Drive gear part 2BB (SUS)
・Oscillating gear part 1BB (SUS)
Product name Winding length
(cm/1 rotation of handle)
gear ratio Self weight
drag force
Standard winding amount Handle
knob type
LT3000D-XH-ARK 93 6.2 265 10 10-260
1.5-300 60 Aluminum power round knob 5/1
LT4000D-CXH-ARK 99 6.2 280 12 10-330
2-300 60 Aluminum power round knob 5/1
LT5000D-CXH-ARK 105 6.2 285 12 14-260
2.5-300 60 Aluminum power round knob 5/1
LT6000D-H-ARK 101 5.7 375 12 14-310
3-300 65 Aluminum power round knob 5/1
・Common warning list for domestic small SP reels
・Warning list (11 languages)
・Instruction manual (4 languages)
・Spool position adjustment washer
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