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2023 Cardiff XR

2023 Cardiff XR

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gear ratio

Practical drag force (Kg)

Maximum drag force (Kg)

Own weight (g)

Spool diameter (mm)/stroke (mm)

Thread winding amount nylon (lb-m)

Thread winding amount nylon (mm-m)

Thread volume fluorocarbon (lb-m)

Thread winding amount PE (No.-m)

Maximum winding length (cm/1 rotation of handle)

Handle length (mm)

Number of bearings BB/Roller

Yumeya spool type

Yumeya handle knob type

Yumeya handle type

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Yumeya reel stand type

C2000S 5.1 1 3 155 43/13.5 3-125, 4-100, 5-75 0.14-145, 0.16-105, 0.18-80 3-110, 4-85, 5-65 0.6-150, 0.8-110, 1-80 69 45 9/1 S-27 A H-10 HC-1 C
C2000SHG 6.1 1 3 155 43/13.5 3-125, 4-100, 5-75 0.14-145, 0.16-105, 0.18-80 3-110, 4-85, 5-65 0.6-150, 0.8-110, 1-80 82 45 9/1 S-27 A H-10 HC-1 C

For those pursuing mountain stream lures.

What we aimed for was the ideal model for mountain stream anglers. The dark green body with a calm tone and the carefully selected lightweight cork handle knob blend in with the rich nature of the field and bring out the brilliance of the beautiful trout you catch. Equipped with the latest technologies such as Micro Module Gear II and Silent Drive, the basic performance of mountain stream spinning has been greatly improved. It has a smooth winding feel that rivals high-end models, is quiet enough to feel the complex flow changes and vibrations of the lure, and the long stroke spool increases flight distance and improves the precision of accuracy casting. Because it has an X-protection structure that boasts high waterproof performance, there is a low risk of getting wet and reducing performance when photographing a single memorial fish. The lightweight body with a weight of 155g increases the sensitivity of the angler's hand and makes it easy to swing through when casting. It uses an area drag that can be finely adjusted depending on the situation, so it can also be used for fishing with thin lines.

key features

A beautiful reel for a beautiful trout. Trout special with a perfect sense of unity with the valley.

Body color and spool design that blend in with the field

Troutists seek cool, clear streams and rich forests. And the beautiful fish that live there. Therefore, you want a reel with a handsome appearance that matches that. “CARDIFF If you line it up in shallow water with the trout you've caught, it will make the fish look even more appealing, and when exposed to sunlight filtering through the trees, it will subtly make its presence known with its deep glow. Furthermore, the spool has a retro round decorative hole that evokes a sense of nostalgia, and the gold rings that resemble the eyes of a trout that are placed in various places create a calming tone. ``CARDIFF XR'' is a true trout special suitable for fishing in pursuit of a beautiful single fish.

Cork handle knob fits gently on fingertips

``CARDIFF XR'' is the only general-purpose spinning model that uses a cork hand knob that matches the natural landscape. However, while embodying the world view desired by troutists, he never neglects performance. The weight of the knob itself is almost the same as that of the Vanquish, which has achieved ultimate lightness. Furthermore, its natural texture and shape are designed to make it easy to find and grab after casting, so it fits gently on the angler's fingertips in any situation. This is a carefully selected cork handle knob that combines the appearance and performance that mountain stream anglers desire.


Feel the flow and hit the spot. Equipped with the latest technology to meet the demands of anglers.

Significantly improved winding comfort and quietness

In developing the new generation Trout Special, we sought to not only improve the design, but also significantly upgrade the basic performance for mountain stream spinning. Equipped with a micro module gear and silent drive that were not found in the previous model (18 CARDIFF CI4+) intended for use in trout fields, it achieves smooth winding comfort and quietness that rivals high-end models. This makes it easier for the CARDIFF XR to sense complex flow changes and lure vibrations. Also, since it uses an area drag, it can also be used for precise fishing using thin thread. It is a versatile machine that can be used for area fishing as well.

Long stroke spool for improved casting accuracy

Mountain stream lure fishing is a form of fishing where the fish's reaction can vary greatly depending on the angler's casting accuracy. On that point, the ``CARDIFF XR'' is equipped with a long stroke spool that reduces the resistance when releasing the line, making it easy to cast to the target spot by pulling the line. Since the lure is less likely to stall during flight, a sufficient flight distance can be secured regardless of the lure weight without having to swing the rod forcefully. Since you can concentrate on the feeling at the time of release, it becomes much easier to decide on the accuracy cast. Improving casting accuracy is a factor that directly leads to increased fishing results. ``CARDIFF XR'' is a reel that will help you make better casts, catch more fish, and make mountain stream lure fishing even more fun.

Thanks to the X-protection structure, you can safely take photos near the water.

Troutists also enjoy taking photos of the fish they catch along with their favorite equipment. "CARDIFF XR" is equipped with an X-Protect structure that boasts high waterproof performance, so it can easily be submerged in water during shooting. You can capture beautiful moments of trout without compromising the composition. Of course, even if the reel gets wet when crossing the current, it will not interfere with subsequent fishing, and the feeling of use is smooth and stable. It will become a reliable item for anglers who are looking for a reel with toughness.

You can easily experience the advantage of lightweight spinning, weighing only 155g.

Thanks to a significant evolution in the base design, the CARDIFF XR has successfully shaved off 15g of body fat from the previous model (18 CARDIFF CI4+). Another notable feature of this reel is that it has been reborn as a lightweight spinning reel with a weight of 155g, which is revolutionary for an intermediate model in the mountain stream class. Not only has the sensitivity increased, making it easier to get delicate hits, but the swing through when casting has become much more nimble. If the reel is light, it will be difficult for your hand to be pulled by its own weight when you swing the rod out, so it will be easier to grasp the release point even with a lightweight lure, and the accuracy of low trajectory casts such as shooting through overhangs and pin spot casts will be dramatically improved. . Another advantage of the lighter weight reel is that it prevents fatigue from accumulating in your arm as you continue to cast. At the last point I came across after a day of fishing in the valley, the CARDIFF XR should allow me to approach the lure accurately while maintaining my concentration.


Body color that blends into the valley

The dark green body color blends in with the natural atmosphere of the mountain stream. The calm tones bring out the beauty of the fish.

cork handle knob

Adopts a cork handle knob that matches the mountain stream scenery. A lightweight and easy-to-grasp design with a well-thought-out shape.

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