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22 Silver Creek Air TW Stream Custom

22 Silver Creek Air TW Stream Custom

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ins its ultra-lightweight and excellent rigidity is the highest grade of lightweight alloys that are also used in aircraft structural materials and precision equipment. If the same strength is maintained, an overwhelmingly lightweight feeling can be achieved, so it is possible to maintain sufficient strength simply by thinning the spool winding surface without blanking. The high rotational response brought about by the lightness and the accurate and unrivaled rotation due to the high rigidity are unrivaled.
■ Zero adjuster
"Zero adjuster" is a mechanism that allows you to enjoy fishing comfortably without malfunctions during fishing by adjusting to "zero setting" before starting fishing.
* The "zero backlash" setting is a setting that does not push the spool while leaving a slight backlash (about 0.2 mm).
■ Drag pull-out click
Drag pull-out click is a structure that makes a click so that the drag operation can be discriminated by sound when the line is pulled out by fighting with a fish.
■ Stream trout brake tune (fixed induct rotor)
PE tune specification with brake setting on the PE line with the recommended spool amount. The brake setting is such that not only PE but also nylon line and fluorocarbon line can be used. Since he is a leading bait finesse in the mountain stream, it is a setting that prioritizes accuracy in the short-to-medium range cast in the mountain stream advocated by Mr. Hiroyuki Motoyama.

Silver Creek Air TW Stream Custom
Product name Gear
Winding length
(cm /
handle 1 rotation)
Own weight (g) Maximum
drag force
Spool dimensions
(diameter mm / width mm)
Standard winding amount
Nylon Fluoro
winding amount
(ball /
's desired body
price (yen)
JAN code  
8.5R 8.5 8.5 74 74 170 3.5 3.5 28/21 6-40 0.6-40
80 6/1 47,200 4550133157776 *
8.5L 8.5 8.5 74 74 170 3.5 3.5 28/21 6-40 0.6-40
80 6/1 47,200 4550133157783 *
■ The amount of winding yarn displayed in this table is the upper limit. We recommend that you do not wind any line for more than 40m.
■ The winding length is the length per rotation of the handle.
■ The amount of winding thread is a guide and varies depending on the manufacturer, item, and tension.
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