22 Rapids Crank SR

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Type: Floating
Weight: 9.2g
Overall length: 56mm
Dive depth: Approximately 1.0m
Hook: Saxus processing
Treble # 6
Ring specifications: 1

A fast-winding crank that controls the current. A rapids crank created to capture a flowing river. Since the crank bait is a fat body, it is easily affected by the flow and is not suitable for areas with strong flow, but the rapids crank has a body shape that cuts through the flow and suppresses buoyancy, speeding up the flow. It is a specification that can be searched. It was developed as a crank bait that searches the middle layer speedily rather than hitting the bottom ruggedly, and was equipped with a circuit board lip because the speed of the action pitch was particularly important. The SSR was developed to capture a water depth of around 0.5m, and the SR was developed to capture a water depth of around 1m. In Okappari, we often fish in a range of around 1m, so we focused on the feeling of use in Okappari. The size is 56mm, which makes it easy to handle in any field in Japan, and you can comfortably fish with bait tackle. , / * The color may look different from the actual product. Please be forewarned.