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22 Paradox Spin SPN 75M

22 Paradox Spin SPN 75M

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Lighter, more sensitive, and stronger.
It is easy to make a light and fragile rod or a heavy and strong rod.
The ideal rod that everyone envisions (light, strong, and highly sensitive) is a contradiction in terms (PARADOX).
Lightweight and highly sensitive.
A delicate tip and strong rod power.
The PARADOX is a bass rod by Studio Composite that clears such contradictions.

Name Length Weight Line Action Dimension Construction
PARADOX SPN 75 M 7ft5inch M max1/2oz maxPE 1 号 Regular 167cm One&Half 2021 model
PARADOX SPN 67 ML 6ft7inch ML max3/8oz max PE 0.8 号 Regular Fast 150cm One&Half 2022 model
PARADOX 68 MH-S 6ft8inch MH max1oz max25lb Regular Fast 150cm One&Half 2022 model
Monocoque carbon grips

01Monocoque carbon grips

Monocoque carbon (hollow structure) grips are produced in-house for the front and rear grips and laminated and crimped with an elastic tube.
The highly rigid and sensitive carbon grips accurately transmit underwater conditions and lure movements to the angler.



The PARADOX and FTB series are all designed with a one-and-a-half construction.
This is achieved by using different modulus of carbon for the tip and butt sections, resulting in a flexible and delicate tip and a strong and strong butt section with excellent lifting power.
The joint has a clearance of 9 to 10 mm.
If the joint is inserted more than this, or if it is not inserted properly, there is a high possibility of damage.



PARADOX 7102, 7103 and 7603 have single foot + double foot specification.
PARADOX 73045, 7306, 76045, 7606, 711045 and 71106 have all double foot specification.

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