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22 Exist LT 3000S (USED, like new) complete box set

22 Exist LT 3000S (USED, like new) complete box set

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#Daiwa 22 Exist LT 3000S (USED, like new)

- complete box set

item Standard weight (g) Winding length (cm/1 rotation of handle) gear ratio Standard winding amount nylon (lb-m) Standard winding thread amount PE (No. m) Handle arm length (mm) Bearing (ball/roller) Maximum drag force (kg) Spool dimensions (diameter mm) Handle knob specifications body material body composition rotor Waterproof mechanism spool
22EXIST LT3000S 180 77 5.2 6-150 0.8-200 55 12/1 Ten 48 HG-T magnesium 1 part (monocoque) ZAION Mag shield (3 locations) thin wall aluminum


The future is in your hands.

Function and beauty required from a small spinning reel. A crystal created from Daiwa's craftsmanship. That is EXIST.

The core technology is ``AIRDRIVE DESIGN.'' The design philosophy of the next generation spinning reel pursues the ability of anglers to manipulate the lure as they wish. This AIRDRIVE DESIGN consists of up to four technologies. The most iconic of these is the air drive rotor. It provides a light rotation feeling that will move your heart. The monocoque body creates a solid sense of rigidity that is hard to imagine. It is hard to bend and is the source of stable rotation. Protected by its strong body, the Tough Digi Gear achieves infinitely noiseless rotation, and has been given a special surface treatment to increase gear hardness to ensure complete safety. Magshield, Daiwa's unique waterproof and durable technology, is installed in the pinion and line roller sections, and Magshield ball bearings are installed at both ends of the drive gear, achieving advanced waterproof performance (SF model has one of the pinion sections). (parts only). The drag is equipped with ATD TYPE-L, which maintains the characteristics of ATD that continues to work smoothly according to the pull of the fish, and further improves the initial response, allowing you to fight with confidence even when using a light line.

EXIST puts a lot of thought into its design and service so that the performance produced by these items is not just a tool, but something that connects with anglers. A pure shape that harmonizes in any field, whether shore or offshore. User support for long-term use with peace of mind. All in order to be a pioneer in the lure fishing scene of the future.

daiwa technology

Air Drive Design is a next-generation spinning reel design concept that allows anglers to control the lure as they desire. The air drive design consists of up to four technologies. The air drive spool is equipped with an air drive rotor that unwinds easily and generates high-response rotation, and is lightweight and trouble-free.The air drive spool has a thin wall design that eliminates unnecessary meat to the limit and is extremely lightweight. The air drive shaft supports the main shaft with a high-precision collar and has a non-contact structure with the pinion gear, enabling light winding with extremely little rotational noise even under high loads. The synergistic effect of these and the improvement of the weight balance of the reel realize high-level operability.
*The LT model is equipped with an air drive rotor, air drive bail, air drive spool, and air drive shaft. *The SF model is equipped with an air drive rotor, air drive bail, and air drive spool. Linear shaft specifications.
Using our unique theory, we have created a new shape that looks as if it was cut directly from a sphere, and by thoroughly removing unnecessary flesh from it, we have achieved a significant weight reduction while maintaining rigidity. The lightness of unwinding has been dramatically improved, leading to improved operability and sensitivity.
Airveil, which has traditionally adopted a hollow pipe structure that provides rigidity and lightness, has been made smaller in diameter while maintaining the necessary strength to further reduce weight. The slope is set to the optimal bail angle that allows the line to transition more smoothly from the bail to the line roller. Achieved even lighter weight and trouble-free operation.
Thin-walled design with unnecessary meat removed to reduce weight. Not only the thin wall design of the spool skirt, but also the thinning of the inside of the spool has been thoroughly reduced in weight. The lighter spool improves ease of unwinding and ease of casting. Furthermore, the drag sounding mechanism with low operating resistance improves response during drag operation.
This system has a non-contact structure between the main shaft and pinion, and by supporting a linear shaft with zero frictional resistance and supporting both ends of the pinion with a BB, it is possible to connect the input power to maximum rotational force. Furthermore, by supporting the main shaft with a high-precision collar, we have made it possible to thoroughly reduce rotational noise.
*LT model only, SF model excluded.
Strong and durable technology, monocoque body. Conventionally, spinning reels generally supported both ends of the drive gear with the body and body cover, and fixed them with several screws. From this structure, we aimed to further improve precision and rigidity by eliminating the body cover and fixing the monocoque body by screwing a high-precision plate directly into the body. This increases gear support precision, and also improves rigidity and airtightness. Furthermore, we have succeeded in maximizing the size of the drive gear by utilizing the space previously taken up by screws. Monocoque body means MONO (one) - COQUE (shell). The completely new shape, which symbolizes the toughness of a monovalve shell, breaks the conventional wisdom of reel construction.
DAIWA's unique waterproof structure creates a magnetic Magoil wall in the gap between the body and rotor to shut out seawater and dust.
*LT model installed in 3 locations: both ends of the drive gear, pinion part, and line roller part (full mag shield specification). * SF model installation location: Emphasis on finesse performance, only one location on the pinion part.
In order to withstand harsh environments, a strong heart is required to support the reel. "Tough Digi Gear" provides smooth rotation for a longer period of time.
ATD that operates smoothly according to the pull of the fish and continues to work smoothly. ATD TYPE-L has improved initial response. In pursuit of start-up and tracking performance, it is now possible to concentrate on the fight without worrying about drag settings.
LC-ABS (Long cast ABS)
While maintaining the concept of reducing contact resistance of ABSⅡ, by bringing the contact point forward, smoother line release is achieved. The effect of the ring part being brought forward makes it difficult for the line to ride on the ring, and we have succeeded in increasing the distance by about 5% and improving trouble-free performance over the conventional ABS II. This is a next generation ABS spool that realizes LC (=LONG CAST).

Product details

■Stopper-less body “even lighter and trouble-free”
The body structure has been simplified by removing the stopper. The decision to remove the stopper, which is a route for water and foreign matter to enter, not only reduces weight and improves waterproof performance, but also minimizes the unfortunate occurrence of sudden troubles when EXIST is used in harsh environments or when interacting with large objects. Keep it to.

■Ball bearing mounting locations (LT model)

, 12BB (double handle model is equipped with 14BB)
, pinion part 2BB (CRBB)
, drive gear part 2BB (MAGSEALED BB)
, line roller part 2BB (CRBB)
, handle knob part 2BB ( CRBB)
 (Double handle model is 2 x 2BB)
, spool part 1BB (CRBB)
, spool metal part 1BB (CRBB),
main shaft part 1BB (CRBB)
, oscillating gear part 1BB (CRBB)
■Ball bearing mounting locations (SF model)

- Equipped with 11BB
- Pinion part 1BB (CRBB)
- Drive gear part 2BB (CRBB)
- Line roller part 2BB (CRBB)
- Handle knob part 2BB (CRBB)
- Spool part 1BB (CRBB)
・Spool metal part 1BB (CRBB)
・Main shaft part 1BB (CRBB)
・Oscillating gear part 1BB (CRBB)


Go beyond finesse to an unexplored zone.
Awakening maneuverability.

SF (Super Finesse) Concept - A spinning reel design concept that goes far beyond conventional finesse and enables precise control down to the millimeter level. For this new challenge, we at Daiwa have chosen the flagship compact spinning reel ``EXIST.'' That's for some reason.
Daiwa does not seek peace in its flagship. We don't get to know each other. He hopes he will always be a front runner in the fishing scene.
EXIST SF――If I may say it without fear of misunderstanding, I am not an honor student. While inheriting EXIST's philosophy, there is no common sense. Not a versatile one, but a one-point breakthrough. What we aimed for was super finesse, which goes beyond finesse.
While maintaining the basic performance of EXIST, such as air drive design, full metal (Mg) monocoque body, and mag shield, we have pushed the tuning to the limit. The target was narrowed down to bass, trout, and light salt using lines of 4lb (fluoro-nylon) or 0.6 (PE) or less, making it completely compact and lightweight. To achieve this, we have removed a certain level of durability and waterproofness, but the price we get from these improvements is territory that no one has yet entered.
Far beyond the limits of finesse, the "maneuverability" that allows the lure to follow the trajectory you envision in your mind allows you to spend intense one-on-one time with the fish. Dew. The weight, which has been reduced to the limit, provides casting performance that allows you to swing through the ball without applying excessive force, contributing to distance and accuracy. The compact body that can be held in the palm of your hand allows you to perform feathering with a delicate touch, ensuring you get the exact approach you're aiming for. The short spool has elevated the smooth start of the line provided by ATD TYPE-L to a higher level.
All technology for super finesse. EXIST SF debuts to awaken anglers.

Difference between EXIST SF and EXIST LT

■20% increase in drag performance
 ⇒ By shortening the spool, variations in resistance when releasing the line are suppressed.
  Furthermore, by changing the maximum drag force to 3kg, the range of adjustment in the low drag range, which is important in finesse fishing, is expanded, allowing for more optimal drag fine adjustment.
■Flight distance/swing speed approximately 7%/approximately 12% UP
 ⇒The combination of the ultra-light tackle EXIST SF2500SS and STEEZ RC61L-SV increases swing speed by approximately 12% compared to existing tackles.
  This improves the long cast performance of lightweight lures. When casting to the same distance, you can cast with less force, improving casting accuracy.
■ Significant weight reduction
 ⇒ Significant weight reduction achieved by making the body approximately 20% more compact (LT2500S = 160g, SF2500SS = 140g).
■ Sensitivity increased by approximately 16%
 ⇒ Vibration transmission performance has been improved by designing internal parts specifically for SF, such as reducing the diameter of the main shaft.

List of recommended fishing species by size


・Neoprene reel bag
・Spool position adjustment washer
・Shipping inspection certificate
・Warning card
・EXIST exclusive cosmetic box that can be used as a protective case during inspection and repair
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