22 Emeraldas Tactical Backpack

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Size About 20 x 32 x 52cm

Supervised by Hirohito Yamada! Pursuing high-dimensional functionality to meet Egginger's needs! !
■ Uses "water-repellent fabric" that repels water and does not easily get dirty
■ Uses "ripstop nylon fabric" that is resistant to tearing at key points
■ "Two-chamber structure" with a main storage compartment and a simple cold storage compartment
■ Peace of mind even when traveling long distances Equipped with a "new structure gaff holder" with a strong fixing power. Equipped with
a ``capacity expansion fastener'' in the main storage compartment. ` ` Slit
pockets'' perfect for storing small items are placed in the right place. Hard "three-dimensional back cushion" ■ "Easy-fitting shoulder pad shape" that reduces the burden on the shoulders ■ "Bungee cord" for temporary storage of clothing, etc.

■ 2-room structure
  • The main body storage part and the simple cold storage room are arranged separately.
    Each storage item can be stored separately without interfering.
  • The simple cold storage room has a structure that can be accessed from either the left or right.
  • In the simple cold storage room, you can carry drinks, caught squid, and fish together with ice packs.
  • The simple cold storage compartment is not waterproof. Do not add seafood or water directly.
■New structure gaff holder
  • Gaff holder with a new structure that emphasizes fixing force
  • The length of the gaff receiving part is adjustable. By adjusting the position of the fulcrum according to the length of the pole, it is possible to reduce swaying.
■ <Ripstop fabric> Water-repellent fabric
  • The main fabric has a water-repellent finish that repels water and prevents dirt from adhering.
    (Water repellent performance decreases with use)
■ <500D nylon fabric> water repellent fabric
■ <Body lower part> Slit pocket
  • Slit pockets that are perfect for storing small items are placed in the right place.
■ <Lid part> Slit pocket
■ Side access to the main body storage room is possible
■Shoulder pad shape that reduces the burden on the shoulder and fits easily
■ Three-dimensional back cushion that is gentle on the back and does not get stuffy
■ Simple cold storage room
Volume adjustment
■ Expansion "before"
■ Expansion "after"

■Adjustable capacity
  • With expansion fastener that can adjust the amount of storage in the main storage room
  • The combination of D-ring and slit pocket reduces worry about loss.
How to attach the gaff holder
landing pole
Receiving part can be adjusted and removed

(1) Adjust the length and position of the receiving part according to the length of the
gaff pole (2) Attach the gaff pole to the receiving part and fix it with a belt (2 places)
  • Position the belt above the center of the pole (center of gravity)

Receptacle and belt can be removed when not in use