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22 DLST-2000SS-P

22 DLST-2000SS-P

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A special task machine whose task was to support area trout fishing activities in another flow different from the main line 


Considering aiming for area trout fishing "trout of managed fishing spot", I want to add "2000 reel" eventually. This is because the opportunities to handle cranks, minnows, vibrations, etc. will naturally increase, and we will step up to the direction of enjoying area trout with various techniques. Therefore, the special specification machine named "jet black black special machine", which is considered to be the "size" that should be prepared for the second machine, is a tuning reel equipped with a gimmick suitable for the second machine. It is a finish that attracts even experts. The light & tough "LT body" & "Zion monocoque body" are adopted without painting as they are, and the innovative design is a chic design with a gunmetal stab color as an accent on the spool, but it is an aggressive one. It has become.


Gear ratio: 5.1:1
Thread take length (cm) 67 cm
Own weight: 150g
Maximum drag: 5.0kg
Mug seal dress ZAION Monocoque body
Drag: UTD
Handle arm: 40mm

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