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22 DC-7822 Water repellent hat

22 DC-7822 Water repellent hat

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Water repellent fabric is used on the entire surface. Basic casual hat
Uses water-repellent fabric.
Uses a design belt with a wave and needle motif.
The chin strap cannot be removed.
Product details
Water repellent fabric
Pattern belt
Sewn chin strap
Functions list
■ Water repellent (WATER REPELLENT)
Water-repellent material
The surface of the fabric repels water droplets and does not contain water. Always lightweight and dry to keep your wear comfortable.
* It is not waterproof.
* The water repellent function will decrease with use.
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Cap compatibility size guideline [JASPO standard] (Unit: cm)
size S free
56-58 58-60
* The size is a guide, not the actual size. At the time of purchase, please choose the size after trying on.

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