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22 Caldia SW 8000-P

22 Caldia SW 8000-P

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Introducing the long-awaited SW series from CALDIA, which is popular for its monocoque body.Equipped

with a full metal (AL) monocoque body and large-diameter Tough DigiGear, powerful and light winding. With a wide lineup of sizes from 4000 to 18000, it completely covers salt lure games, from the popular light shore casting and SLJ (super light jigging) to large blue fish and tuna.

Introducing the 5000-CXH, which is perfect for light shore jigging and boat Spanish mackerel games, and the long-awaited power gear models 8000-P & 10000-P.Light shore
jigging in fields where yellowtail fish are mixed, blade jigging from a boat for Spanish mackerel, and light casting games. "5000-CXH" is ideal for fishing, "8000-P" is optimal for blue fish jigging using around PE size 3 to 4, and is equipped with an 80mm long handle that is ideal for Sagami Bay yellowfin game and tuna jigging, including Ebbing. "10000-P" is now available.
Arata Kaneko × Tonjigi
Tomoya Suenaga × Hiramasa jigging
[CALDIA SW 14000-H]
Tomoya Suenaga × Hiramasa casting
Masami Matsunaga × CALDIA SW commentary
Yuta Naruse × SLJ
[CALDIA SW 18000]
Shigeki Nakamura × Okinawa GT

A waterproof structure that shuts out the intrusion of seawater and dust by creating a wall of magnetic oil in the gap between the mag shield body and rotor. Since there is no contact between the body and the rotor, the initial rotational performance is maintained for a long period of time while maintaining light and smooth rotation. Most of the causes of abnormal rotation noise are salt dirt and foreign matter intrusion. Of course, there are cases where this occurs due to accidental dropping into water, but other than such cases, the incidence of abnormal rotation noise of mag-shielded reels has been significantly reduced. Moreover, this ratio is becoming more and more significant as time passes since the introduction of MagShield. This means that the longer you use it, the more effective it will be. In other words, it proves that the dustproof and waterproof capabilities of MagShield are at an extremely high level. CALDIA SW uses it for the main shaft.

Full metal (AL) monocoque body Conventional
spinning reels typically support both ends of the drive gear with the body and body cover, and secure it with several screws. From this structure, we aimed to further improve precision and rigidity by eliminating the body cover and fixing the monocoque body by screwing a high-precision plate directly into the body. This increases gear support accuracy and also improves rigidity and airtightness. Furthermore, we succeeded in maximizing the size of the drive gear by utilizing the space previously taken up by screws. Monocoque body means MONO (one) - COQUE (shell). The completely new shape, which symbolizes the toughness of a monovalve shell, breaks the conventional wisdom of reel structure. With CALDIA SW, we have taken into account its light weight as well as its sufficient rigidity, and have achieved the optimal balance for each reel size target.

A new generation drag system that operates smoothly according to the pull of the fish and continues to work smoothly. For large-scale spinning, this setting suppresses the drop in drag force during fights. Both were developed with the goal of allowing you to concentrate on fighting without worrying about drag settings. CALDIA SW has a drag washer (carbon) number of 3 pieces with 4000 to 10000 and 5 pieces with 14000 to 18000, thoroughly pursuing the improvement of drag MAX and durability that can withstand the sprinting of large fish. It also uses a large drag knob, making the knob large and comfortable to operate.
■Tough Digi
Gear The drive gear, which is the most important part of the reel, requires a trinity of elements (design concept, processing technology, and gear material). 22CALDIA SW is a further evolution of DigiGear II and uses "Tough DigiGear" which provides smooth rotation for a longer period of time. The design concept carefully calculates the effects on the mesh caused by unexpected force. Achieving the ideal gear with high strength. It achieves infinitely noiseless rotation and accurately responds to the delicate sensations of anglers' fingertips.
■Air Rotor An air
rotor with a structure that can be called a rotor revolution. By distributing the load through the optimal rim structure with a unique shape, we have achieved a significant weight reduction with the same strength. The rotor balance has also been improved, achieving light rotation with good response.
■LC-ABS (Long Cast-ABS)
While maintaining the idea of ​​reducing contact resistance of ABSII, smoother line release is achieved by bringing the contact forward. The effect of the ring part being pushed forward makes it difficult for the line to ride on the ring, resulting in an approximately 5% increase in flight distance and trouble-free performance over conventional ABSII. This is the next generation ABS spool that truly realizes LC (=LONG CAST).
■Handle knob
The handle knob is compatible with S size. EVA round type power light knob L is used for the 4000 and 6000 sizes, which are mainly used for shore casting, light offshore jigging, and light offshore jigging & casting (excluding 5000-CXH)
The handle knob is compatible with L size. Offshore jigging and casting aimed at big fish The 8000 to 18000 sizes, which are mainly used for shore casting, use EVA large round knobs.
■EVA round light knob (compatible with S size knob)
The 5000-CXH, which is ideal for SW games that mainly use PE1.2 to 2, has an EVA round with a "just the right size" that balances power and delicate operation. Equipped with a light knob.
■Air bail
The bail shape allows the thread to flow to the line roller, dramatically reducing thread entanglement problems. Furthermore, by creating a hollow structure, we have achieved a significant increase in strength without changing the weight.
■Rotor brake
A mechanism that applies a brake to the rotation of the rotor when the bail is opened to prevent the bail from turning unexpectedly due to the handle moving due to shock during casting.
■Manual return
In order to completely prevent the bale from returning during casts and to improve durability, we have adopted a manual return mechanism that prevents the bale from returning when the handle is rotated. (6000-18000)
■Stopper-less body
The body structure has been simplified by removing the stopper. The decision to remove the stopper, which is a route for water and foreign matter to enter, not only reduces weight and improves waterproof performance, but also minimizes the unfortunate occurrence of sudden troubles when interacting with large objects or in harsh environments required for 22CALDIA SW. Keep it to a minimum.
■ Lower volume guide line
The spool has a guide line that is convenient for lower volume.
*If you are using less thread, please roll it down to the guide line.
item Thread amount from the lower winding guide line
4000-CXH 1/3/2/3 of maximum winding amount
4000D-CXH PE1.5-200m
5000-CXH 1/3/2/3 of maximum winding amount
5000D-CXH PE2-300m
6000S-H 1/3/2/3 of maximum winding amount
6000D-H PE2-300m
8000-P/8000-H PE3-300m
10000-P/10000-H PE4-300m
14000-H PE5-300m
18000 PE6-300m
■Perfect Line Stopper
A new line stopper that is compatible with thin threads such as PE as well as thick threads such as leaders. The horizontally long shape saves space in the vertical direction and also contributes to reducing the weight of the spool. (4000-6000)
*8000-18000 has no line stopper

This is the perfect machine for jigging blue fish targeting yellowtail and amberjack using PE size 3 to 4. Gear ratio: The combination of 4.9 power gear and standard 75mm handle fully supports various jerking techniques such as jaka-jaka winding, combination jerk and one-pitch jerk.
Product name Winding length
(cm/1 rotation of handle)
gear ratio Self weight
drag force
winding amount
8000-P 94 4.9 635 15 3-400
6/1 75 EVA
large round knob
・Spool position adjustment washer
・Spool band (8000~18000)
■Kaneko New
2023 Additional Models Caldia SW 8000-P / 10000-P × Tonjigi / Tuna Jigging The

long-awaited power gear model for jigging anglers has been added to Caldia SW's 8000 & 10000 sizes.
I will put the Caldia SW 8000-P and 10000-P prototypes into practice in the 2022-2023 Mie Tonjigi late winter to early spring season. I was able to fully enjoy the second half of the season, which was better than usual.
In general, it seems that many anglers use bait tackle, but I also actively use spinning tackle. There are two main advantages to using spinning tackle for Tonjigi.
The first is that there are many days, especially in the spring season, when fish respond well to the fast movement of jigs. In such cases, it is definitely advantageous to use spinning tackle, which has a faster retrieval speed, than bait tackle.
And the second one. This is gross. If you can get a position at the bow or stern of the boat, you can cast the jig far away from the boat by undercasting to the leeward while drifting doTERRA.
Normally, when you throw a jig in front of you, which is the standard for Tonjigi, the wind will push the boat and the jig will move to the windward side, increasing the line angle. By casting the jig as far away as possible on the leeward side, you can shake the jig vertically for a relatively long time, making it easier to get action on the jig. In addition, this technique leads to highly accurate range capture (the discrepancy between the water depth where the jig actually exists and the water depth of the jig as perceived by the angler becomes smaller), making it a technique that is much easier to increase fishing results. I feel that there is. We hope that you will try it out when you can get into the bow or stern position.
In addition, when fishing for Tonjigi, we assume that yellowfin tuna will be caught, so we often use a ``thick and long fluoro leader,'' which is generally difficult to cast. Even in such cases, the Caldia SW equipped with LC-ABS (Long Cast ABS) inherited from Saltiga allows you to consistently cast the jig far away by undercasting with the appropriate input without using too much force. Undercasting with force increases the possibility of casting trouble due to wobbling of the jig and wobbling and twisting of the rod, so I would like you to cast with your shoulders relaxed.
Both Caldia SW 8000-P/10000-P are equipped with a power gear with a gear ratio of 4.9 on a full metal (AL) monocoque body. The "strength of winding" due to these synergistic effects is also very impressive.
In particular, the 10000-P is equipped with an 80mm long handle as standard, and as mentioned above, it is strong in winding, and the line capacity of PE4-400m and PE5-300m allows for longer threads. Since you can secure the winding stroke with each jerk, it is perfect for the one-pitch jerk of a heavy long jig, which is the standard technique for Tonjigi. Also, with this much line capacity, it is reassuring to catch a good yellowfin tuna in the 40kg-50kg class.
On the other hand, the 8000-P is equipped with a 75mm handle, which can be called the standard. This reel makes it easy to perform technical and speedy jerking, such as combination jerking, against small-sized and medium-sized fish that respond to relatively fast lures, and allows you to get contact from more fish. I think.
I recommend using 10,000-P when targeting tuna (over 20 kg) and yellowfin tuna, and 8,000-P when targeting small to medium tons (under 20 kg). I think that using these two models depending on the size of the target will lead to better fishing results.
I've only used the reel for one season so far, but it still has plenty of remaining power, and I haven't been able to see this reel reach its high limit, but what I can say without a doubt is that it's "excellent cost performance." This is a must-have item for those who are about to start offshore.
I hope everyone can meet their own memorial fish at Cardia SW.
■Tomoya Suenaga

When I first used this reel in a field test, my impression was ``surprise.''
Although it is in the middle class price range, its basic performance is comparable to the Saltiga and Certate SW that I usually use.
First of all, the long cast ABS spool provides the ability to avoid line troubles during casting.
The fact that I was able to use the Hiramasa casting field test for 4 days without any casting trouble is a great advantage in itself, and being able to achieve a stable flight distance is an additional weapon, regardless of whether there is a tailwind or headwind. The first impression I got from actually using it was being able to throw the lure into the area without any trouble and the sense of security that comes with it.
Next, the lightness and smoothness of the roll.
Equipped with a full metal (AL) monocoque body and large-diameter Tough Digi Gear, the lightness and smoothness of reeling when operating jigs and plugs reduces angler fatigue in offshore fishing, where lures are often operated continuously throughout the day. It reduces stress and helps maintain concentration.
And the strength of the reel when the fish hits.
In fact, I was able to catch 20 kg, 15 kg by casting, 12 kg by jigging, and many other yellowtails, but even against the strong pull of large amberjacks, the full metal (AL) monocoque body and large-diameter Tough Digi Gear Due to the power brought by the fish, I was able to catch the fish without having to take the initiative.
In addition, the drag performance is equipped with an ATD that uses a carbon washer, which allows stable drag pressure to be continuously applied to the fish, making it possible to have a stable fight with large amberjack.
Regarding this ATD, stable drag performance is a great weapon even when fighting with large yellowtail over 10 km from deep water on relatively thin lines such as winter yellowtail jigging in the Genkai Sea.
Finally, the design.
The luxurious design, based on gunmetal black and decorated with gold, gives a satisfying finish even when placed side by side with the Saltiga and Certate SW.
Everyone, please come and enjoy offshore games at Cardia SW.
■Masami Matsunaga

First of all, my first impression of Cardia SW is that it's cool! And I thought it was a high-quality reel.
Not only does it look cool, but when you actually use it for shore jigging from the ocean, the initial action is light and the unwinding is smooth. The power of the reel itself also felt reassuring.
The strong full metal (AL made) monocoque body is equipped with a large-diameter Tough Digi Gear, so it has plenty of power. Combined with a lightweight air rotor, it is possible to easily wind and stop the reel, such as collecting line dandruff such as one-pitch jerk.
In addition to its lightness, the reel has high rigidity when wound up, so I felt that it was a reel that could handle fish with high torque, such as yellowtail and amberjack from the shore.
Equipped with an ATD with carbon washer specifications, the maximum drag is 12 kg for up to 6000 size, 15 kg for 8000-H to 14000-H, and 20 kg for 18000, so you can fight in perfect condition even with large blue fish.
In addition, the built-in mag shield makes it safe to use in tough situations for the reel, such as when playing blackfin sea bass from the shore and being exposed to water spray.
It can definitely be said that this reel has "reliability that exceeds its price." I want to try catching blue fish using a large count reel! It is recommended not only for those who think so, but also as a submachine for veteran anglers.
■Yuta Naruse

When I used Cardia SW 4000-CXH for the first time, my impression was that it had a sense of rigidity and smooth winding that rivaled the Certate that I usually use.
When fishing with an SLJ, lightness is necessary, but rigidity is also essential.
The Cardia SW that will be released this time is packed with everything that focuses on its rigidity.
This time I used it for a field test with blade jigging off the coast of Iwakuni, and I was surprised at the distance and trouble-free performance that the long cast ABS spool brings when casting 30g to 40g jigs.
In blade jigging, which mainly casts 30g to 40g jigs and searches a wide area, being able to cast without worrying about tailwinds or headwinds is an advantage.
Next, the lightness and smoothness of the roll.
Equipped with a full metal (AL) monocoque body and large-diameter Tough DigiGear, the lightness and smoothness of this winding makes it ideal for blade jigging, which mainly involves high-speed winding. It reduces the angler's fatigue and maintains concentration.
Also, it has a strong winding when a fish is hooked.
The size is relatively large for a fish caught in shallow areas such as Japanese Spanish mackerel and Japanese mackerel, and it has the strength to keep reeling even under heavy loads when fishing in this area.
Furthermore, we use a more durable carbon washer in the ATD drag, so even if an unexpected big fish hooks during SLJ/blade jigging, the durability of the drag is increased, so you can use it with peace of mind. You can.
Please come and enjoy SLJ/blade jigging with Cardia SW.
■Arata Kaneko

I think this reel has a sense of rigidity that is comparable to higher-end models.
I think the fact that this mid-class saltwater spinning reel is equipped with a large-diameter Tough DigiGear on a full metal (AL) monocoque body is a big deal.
I felt this firsthand during the Mie Tonjigi field test where I used the 8000-H for the first time.
For two days, I mainly used SALTIGA TB Jig 2 Adele 260g, and I continued to sink the jig to a depth of around 100m using a dot sink, but since it was able to be reeled in powerfully and easily, I was able to concentrate on the jig all day long. it is complete.
In addition, even after hooking a fish, the rigidity of the reel means there is no anxiety during the fight, and the ATD, which uses a carbon washer, provides excellent drag performance.
The one that floated to the surface in a short time without letting the fish take the initiative was a 15kg-over-sized albacore.
I think this is the best model for beginners who want to start offshore jigging.
Caldia SW is a ``comfortable and fun reel'' to use.
■Wally Makoto

The reel I used in a casting game aimed at Taisei in northern Kyushu in late autumn was the "Caldia SW 14000-H."
It is a reel that has excellent ``lightness of winding'' and ``operability,'' and also has a cool coloring with a gunmetal and black base.
First, let's talk about the "lightness of the roll."
What was especially noticeable was when the reel started winding. The strength of this reel is that it is lightweight while ensuring sufficient strength and rigidity with the air rotor, so it can be handled easily.
Also, the gear ratio is 5.7, which is a high gear but slightly close to a power gear. In other words, it is possible to generate a large amount of power with a small amount of input. In addition to the one-pitch jerk, the lure action is also easy to do with a combination jerk (a combination of fast winding (just winding) and a quick jerk to make it bite).
Unfortunately, I couldn't get into a fight with Taisei this time, but I was surprised that my biggest fish of the day, a 7kg amberjack, came up almost solely with the power of the reel without raising the rod. Once I started winding it, I was able to wind it hard thanks to the full metal (AL made) monocoque body and large diameter Tough Digi Gear. In addition to lure action, it is possible to develop angler-centered fishing from bites to intake. I don't get tired anyway.
Next, let's talk about "operability."
This time I chose a 130lb nylon leader for PE6, but in big games there are many opportunities to adjust the drag. Especially when a large fish is hooked, this large diameter drag knob will be a considerable advantage for the angler. In addition, the reel handle is made of EVA, which prevents it from slipping with bare hands or with gloves. It is a considerable advantage that it is easy to respond to sudden fish bites, and it is easy to fight by pulling the handle and rod at the same time.
In the future, I would like to take on the challenge of ``How big of a fish can I catch with Caldia SW!?'' with all of you who read this.
■Tomohide Nakatani

In rock shore, where you have to keep casting all day long, the performance of the reel is an important factor that is directly connected to maintaining the motivation to keep casting. Therefore, I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that a reel that doesn't feel comfortable to use or that you can't control as you want will lower your fishing results.
Caldia SW has the benefit of being equipped with an LC-ABC spool, which allows you to easily increase distance, so you can continue to throw comfortably. In addition, the power generated by the full metal (AL) monocoque body and large-diameter Tough DigiGear allows you to easily handle high-load lure actions, giving you plenty of fun in manipulating the lure.
Cardia SW has these two features, but is also light in weight. It can be said that this reel has the performance that reduces the burden on the angler and allows him to continue casting.
The excellent basic performance shows its true value even when fighting with fish. I had to be careful in my fight with the 16kg yellowfin tuna I caught on the shore due to the swells. Strong undertows near the shore can cause breakage and line breakage, and lines that have been rubbed by the waves can easily become loose and break.
Even in such situations, Cardia SW's instantaneous winding and stable carbon washer ATD provided full support all the way to the catch.
The Caldia SW is a reliable reel packed with all the important elements for catching big fish, allowing you to perform casts, action, and fight with fish at a high level.
I would like all shore anglers to use it.
Spool, handle arm, drag knob, handle knob correspondence table
Parts compatible / Separately sold optional parts compatible
Product number 4000-CXH 4000D-CXH 5000-CXH 5000D-CXH 6000S-H 6000D-H 8000-P 8000-H 10000-P 10000-H 14000-H 18000
spool Can be worn Can be worn Can be worn -
spool sold separately
Compatible with handle and optional parts sold separately
Product number 4000-CXH 4000D-CXH 5000-CXH 5000D-CXH 6000S-H 6000D-H 8000-P 8000-H 10000-P 10000-H 14000-H 18000
handle arm Can be worn Can be worn Can be worn -
handle arm sold separately
RCS machine cut light 50mm-60mm
RCS machine cut 50mm-60mm
RCS machine cut 65mm SLPW machine cut handle 75mm-85mm none
handle knob Compatible with S size knob Compatible with L size knob
Target fish list by size
Shore casting (jigging/plugging) target fish by size table
(◎: Especially recommended ○: Recommended model)
sea bass Isomaru
red sea bream
Warasa mackerel

Dolphin bonito
Yellowtail Amberjack
Tuna GT
4000-CXH - - - - -
4000D-CXH - - - - -
5000-CXH - - - -
5000D-CXH - - - -
6000S-H - - -
6000D-H - - -
8000-P - - -

- -
8000-H - - - - -
10000-P - - - - -

- -
10000-H - - - - - -
14000-H - - - -
(~15kg class)
18000 - - - - - - -
(~30kg class)
Offshore jigging (jigging/blade jigging) Target fish by size (target fishing species) Guideline table
(◎: Especially recommended ○: Recommended model)
  SLJ Inadasagoshishogo

Warasa mackerel
Yellowtail Bonito Amberjack
Tonjigi Tuna
(inside the bay)
- - - - -
(inside the bay)
- - - - -
(inside the bay)

(inside the bay)
- - - -
(inside the bay)

(inside the bay)
- - - -
6000S-H - - - -
6000D-H - - - -
8000-P - -
(~30kg class)
8000-H - - -
10000-P - -
(~50kg class)
10000-H - - - - - - - -
14000-H - - - - - - - -
18000 - - - - - - -
(~50kg class)
Offshore casting target fish by size guideline
(◎: Especially recommended ○: Recommended model)
Inada Sagoshi

Warasa mackerel

Dolphin bonito
Yellowtail Kingfish Tuna GT
(inside the bay)
- - - - -
(inside the bay)
- - - - -
(inside the bay)

(inside the bay)
- - - -
(inside the bay)

(inside the bay)
- - - -
6000S-H - - -
6000D-H - - -
8000-P - - - - - - -
8000-H - - - -
10000-P - - - - - - -
10000-H - - -
(~30kg class)
14000-H - - -
(~50kg class)
18000 - - - -
(~50kg class)
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