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2021 Soare XR C2000SSPG

2021 Soare XR C2000SSPG

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Light line special.

Introducing the core model of Soare Reel, XR. The feeling when turning the steering wheel is improved with Micro Module Gear II and Silent Drive. Since it rolls smoothly, you can concentrate on making small hits. By adopting a long stroke spool, the flying distance increases by about 4% on average. A new high response drag is adopted for the drag. When using a light line for agitation, etc., even if the conventional drag is set loose, when the drag suddenly comes out, at the beginning of the rotation, it is difficult to set the drag because it requires more force than the setting.
This high-response drag can suppress the sudden drag rise, so you can set a more aggressive drag force than before.

Part number

Gear Ratio

Practical drag force (Kg)

Maximum drag force (Kg)

Weight (g)

Spool diameter (mm)/stroke (mm)

Nylon spool amount (lb-m)

Nylon thread winding amount (mm-m)

Line capacity Fluoro (lb-m)

PE line capacity (No.-m)

Maximum winding length (cm/1 handle turn)

Handle length (mm)

Number of bearings BB/roller

Yumeya spool type

Yumeya Handle Knob Type

Yumeya Handle Type

Yumeya handle screw cap type

Yumeya Reel Stand Type

500SPG 4.7 1 3 135 39.5/8 2-115, 2.5-100, 3-70 - 2-90, 2.5-80, 3-65 0.3-140, 0.4-100, 0.6-80 58 35 8/1 - A H-10 HC-1 C
C2000SSPG 4.6 2 3 155 43/13.5 2.5-140, 3-100, 4-90 - 2-170, 3-95, 4-75 0.6-140, 0.8-100, 1-70 62 40 9/1 S-27 A H-10 HC-1 C
C2000SSHG 6.1 2 3 155 43/13.5 2.5-140, 3-100, 4-90 - 2-170, 3-95, 4-75 0.6-140, 0.8-100, 1-70 82 45 9/1 S-27 A H-10 HC-1 C
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