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21 ShoreGun EVOLV SFTGS-103MH

21 ShoreGun EVOLV SFTGS-103MH

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Cast a heavyweight lure long distance. Support power fight. Seabass exclusive model
big size minnows, jig minnows, iron plate vibrations, etc. This one is ideal for games that mainly use relatively heavy weight lures. In contrast to the smooth bend that draws when casting, the butt power full of torque controls the ranker after hooking the fish. It is one that has the potential to correspond not only to Isomaru but also to blackfin sea bass games.

10ft.3inc. 2pc. Power:MH
15-50g Lures
10-30lb Line PE1.0-3.0
Rod Wt.243g
Pack Length:160cm

As the main axis of the shore casting game

Sea bass, vegetables, shore throws, bait trees, flounder. As a series of shore casting rods categorized by target and tactics, Shoregun Evolve, which has built up numerous achievements, will be remodeled in 2021. Review the carbon arrangement of the butt section and pursue a sharper casting feeling. Some models have revised the handle shape and adjusted the guide position to achieve higher performance in actual battles. A feeling of use that is unique to cork grips. Combined with the design that incorporates the texture of the carbon material, it is finished in one that you can fish with for a long time. It is not gorgeous, but has a presence as a functional beauty. Please experience the "best" that we seek.

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An effective reinforcement system that achieves better performance than before with a method of winding a carbon sheet in an X shape. It achieves weight reduction and increased rigidity in the torsional direction of the blank.

Tangle Free K GUIDE


Categorize shore games.  The lineup covers the game

Categorize shore games. The lineup covers the game

The Shoregun Evolve lineup, which is composed of categorization by target style in the shore casting game, is always at the forefront of the game scene. A total of 17 models covering blue-runners, sea bass, flat fish, shore throws and egging. We will continue to refine and evolve the performance required for each game. Evolve ahead of Evolve. Please experience its performance.

Technology x Material

Technology x Material

Shoregun Evolve's blank adopts highly elastic material in the right place, centering on the butt section. The sharp cast feel and further improvement in long-distance casting performance that can be obtained by raising the upper limit of torque can only be achieved by knowing the characteristics of these materials and blank design technology that brings them out. Without blindly relying on materials, of course, we do not shape everything with technology alone. "Technology x Materials" that we always keep in mind. It is also the DNA that has been passed down from the birth of the brand to the present.

Original setting of K series guide

Original setting of K series guide

All models are equipped with original K series guides*. By reviewing the optimal size, number, and placement for each game style, we have achieved a balance that allows the blanks to fully demonstrate their original performance. Combined with the blank performance that uses a highly elastic material, it achieves a comfortable feeling when casting, long casting performance, and linear handling that is free from unnecessary vibrations for rod work. Because we know that one part affects the performance of the rod, we have packed that attention to detail.
* Excluding some Blue Runner models

Cork fit for all models

Cork fit for all models

All Shoregun Evolve models use cork grips, which have become rare in recent years. Cork, which is a natural material, has a great fit and warmth when you hold it in your hand. The ability to withstand strong pressure in the salt scene and honestly convey the behavior of the blank is an advantage. A cork grip that allows you to enjoy the process of aging as well as the tackle that confronts the target. I made one that can be used habitually in the field for a long time.

not gorgeous.  but an overwhelming presence

not gorgeous. but an overwhelming presence

Pursuing functional beauty, Shoregun Evolve does not have unnecessary decorations. What I wanted was actual fishing performance. One that is formed by adopting materials that are indispensable there naturally increases its presence. A part of the blank that pursues a sharper casting feeling is the beauty of the carbon material. The presence of Shoregun Evolve is formed from such a thought.

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