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21 Ocea Jigger

21 Ocea Jigger

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Control your speed! A new strategy proposed by JIGGER.

HAGANE's rigidity in an S compact body that is easy to palm. Smooth and light winding feeling and power brought to you by Micro Module Gear & Infinity Drive. A new strategy called speed has been added to the Ocean Jigger, which satisfies the elements required of a jigging reel at a high level. Its width ranges from 78cm (1500PG) with a gear ratio of 5.1 to a maximum winding length of 132cm (2000NRXG) with a gear ratio of 7.0. By combining winding speed and jerk pattern, jigging will be taken to new heights. Of course, it is equipped with all the advanced technologies that Jigger is proud of, such as iron-clad waterproofing with X-protection and high-performance drag. Compatible with a wide range of games from nearshore to mid-deep sea.

Specification table

Product number

gear ratio

Maximum drag force (Kg)

Own weight (g)

Spool diameter (mm)/width (mm)

Thread winding amount PE (No.-m)

Maximum winding length (cm/1 rotation of handle)

Handle length (mm)

Number of bearings BB/Roller

Yumeya handle knob type

Yumeya handle type

200PG 4.8 8 285 38/19 1.0-400, 1.5-260, 2.0-200 57 51 11/2 A BH-1
201PG 4.8 8 285 38/19 1.0-400, 1.5-260, 2.0-200 57 51 11/2 A BH-1
200HG 6.5 7 295 38/19 1.0-400, 1.5-260, 2.0-200 78 65 9/2 B BH-1
201HG 6.5 7 295 38/19 1.0-400, 1.5-260, 2.0-200 78 65 9/2 B BH-1
300PG 4.8 8 350 43/22 1.5-500, 2-380, 3-250 65 75 9/2 B BH-2, 4, 5
301PG 4.8 8 350 43/22 1.5-500, 2-380, 3-250 65 75 9/2 B BH-2, 4, 5
300HG 6.2 7.5 355 43/22 1.5-500, 2-380, 3-250 84 75 9/2 B BH-2, 4, 5
301HG 6.2 7.5 355 43/22 1.5-500, 2-380, 3-250 84 75 9/2 B BH-2, 4, 5
300XG 7.5 7 355 43/22 1.5-500, 2-380, 3-250 101 75 9/2 B BH-2, 4, 5
301XG 7.5 7 355 43/22 1.5-500, 2-380, 3-250 101 75 9/2 B BH-2, 4, 5


concept movie


[21AW New Products Offshore] Ocean Jigger, Ocean Jigger Limited, Grappler 8, Long Weber, Center Sardine / Hiroto Yamamoto [Shimano Online Fishing Show]



Hitoshi Suzuki x Ocean Jigger Amberjack Jigging Edition



Hiroto Yamamoto x Ocean Jigger Tokara Archipelago Slow Jigging Edition



Hitoshi Suzuki x Ocean Jigger Yellowfin Jigging Edition

KEY FEATUREkey features

Control your speed

7 speeds to choose from depending on the scene.

In addition to the existing HG and PG gear ratios, XG (1500, 2000) and MG (2000) have been added. Although the 1500XG and 1501XG are small, they have a maximum winding length that was only possible with the 2000NRHG. In addition, the 2000NRXG and 2001NRXG boast a maximum winding length of 132cm, which is comparable to SW Spinning's 14000XG, making it possible to maintain high-speed winding even when the line remaining on the spool is low. Furthermore, the MG that appeared in number 2000 is set to a gear ratio that fills the middle between HG and PG, adjusting for situations where it is difficult to match the one-pitch stroke. We want you to experience a more comfortable and high-dimensional jigging feel by using different winding speeds of 3 types of 1500 (XG, HG, PG) and 4 types of 2000 (XG, HG, MG, PG).



Infinity Drive: Challenging the impossible by changing your thinking

Maximum rotational resistance reduced by approximately 60% *Compared to our conventional model

Is it possible to make the light and smooth "rolling" feeling of a jigger even lighter?

I want to improve operability while maintaining strength.

What overcame this seemingly impossible challenge was a change in thinking.

This is Infinity Drive, a new mechanism that completely overturns the gear support structure.

The amazing "winding" that eliminates rotational resistance by up to 60% opens the door to new jigging.



Renovated pinion gear support structure



The key to achieving more efficient winding is the grease bearing that supports the pinion gear on the spool side. Infinity Drive does not support this bearing with high rotational resistance, but instead uses a structure in which the pinion gear is supported from the inside by a spool shaft. Furthermore, by optimizing the support distance and wall thickness of the pinion gear, we have achieved light rotation performance without reducing gear strength. While providing high support rigidity, we succeeded in reducing the rotational resistance of the gear drive section.



Change of drag sound mechanism



The drag sound mechanism is also one of the factors that affects winding efficiency. Therefore, in the 11 Ocean Jigger, we reexamined the "sound ratchet" and "operating spring that drives the sound pin," which had a structure that was constantly sliding. With the NEW Ocean Jigger, we have removed this spring and adopted a drag sound mechanism that does not generate any sliding resistance when rotating the handle.




By using different speeds, you can develop your target fishing in more detail than ever before.


This time, new items have been added to Osea Jigger No. 1500, XG, and No. 2000, MG and XG. This expands the gear ratio options, or speed options, to seven. You can use it more precisely according to the speed of the tide, and the ability to respond when you want to wind slowly or quickly has also been greatly improved. In addition, you now have more options when you want to change the speed depending on the shape of the jig, the hardness of the rod, or the way the boat drifts. Being able to choose the speed to suit the scene means it's easier to balance the tackle. By getting the balance right, I think your fishing results will be much better, and you'll be able to enjoy a variety of styles of jigging. By using different speeds, you can develop your target fishing in more detail than ever before, making the jigging game even more fun.
Personally, the item I'm most interested in is the Osea Jigger 2000NRXG. It has a fairly high gear ratio of 7.0:1, achieving almost the same speed as Stella SW14000XG. There are many benefits to this high speed. For example, when setting up a spanker and letting the water flow vertically around the roots, the premise is to fish by lifting the jig vertically. If you use a long jig at this time, you will need the initial speed of the rise in order to slide the jig sideways. With the Ocean Jigger 2000NRXG, you can easily generate the speed to fly this jig horizontally. Also, when the fish is not eating easily, with the speed of the Ocean Jigger 2000NRXG, you can make it bite by reaction by mixing speed changes with fast reeling. The 2000NRXG makes it possible to use a spinning reel to create irregular movements at speed, which was previously difficult to do with a spinning reel.
I think the 2000NRMG is easy to use in areas where doTERRA sinking is often done and on ships. With PG, the winding is slow and the jig cannot be moved. However, I think that HG is easy to use in cases where there is a lot of resistance and it is difficult to shake or move the jig. You can easily shake the jig while sending it horizontally.
I think there are many places where the 1500XG can be used. Up until now, the winding speed of the 1500 class reel was not sufficient, and it was often difficult to control long jigs unless it was a 2000 class reel. This is now possible with the 1500 class. It's lightweight and small, making it easier to operate and less tiring. It is very compact and powerful, so I think it will be useful in many situations when targeting yellowtail and amberjack in nearby waters.


By using the seven gear ratios, or different speeds, I think your chances of encountering fish will increase more than ever.


This time, a new gear ratio item has appeared in the Osea Jigger series. No. 1500 is the XG model, and No. 2000 is the MG and XG model.
We believe that the addition of the XG model to the 1500 size will greatly expand the range of fishing. 1500XG has achieved the same hoisting speed as 2000HG. The small body allows you to fish at the same speed as a larger reel, which means you can enjoy fishing with lighter tackle. Light jigging allows you to fish with even more speed, and when attacking deep water, you can enjoy light fishing with a small reel. I think the jigging scene will change considerably in the future.
We expect that the 2000NRMG will become the standard gear ratio for nearshore jigging in the future. When fishing at points shallower than 100m deep, I often found that the HG reeled in a little too fast. It feels good when attacking a point deeper than 100m, but if it's shallow, the jig will rotate. This feels very strange and doesn't lead to good fishing results. You can fish comfortably with MG, which has a slightly lower gear ratio than HG. I think it is a gear ratio that will be useful for inshore jigging.
The 2000NRXG has a gear ratio setting that I've always wanted. I think high speed is one way to get a bite when the fish won't use their mouth. Maximum winding length is 132cm. The winding speed is equivalent to SW spinning's 14000XG. But it is amazing. I think this will become a new jigging speed in the coming era. I think it will also be reliable for slow fishing in deep waters. As the water gets deeper, the line is released and the diameter of the spool wound with the line becomes thinner. As a result, the amount of line that can be hoisted with one rotation of the handle is inevitably reduced. This makes it difficult to fly the jig sideways and make it difficult to produce the intended jig action. With the XG model, you will be able to develop deep slow fishing with the 2000 size. I think being less tiring and being able to enjoy it in a light way is a big advantage.
With the addition of MG and XG models, it is now possible to select 7 gear ratios, or speeds, including 1500 and 2000. I think this will cover all the jigging in the near sea. You can aim for large fish in shallow water by lowering the gear ratio, or you can use a model with a higher gear ratio to fish for reaction bites by taking advantage of the speed. This means that there are now 7 ways to catch one fish just by selecting the reel. Naturally, the amount of withdrawals will increase, and the things you can do will increase. By using the seven speeds, I think you'll have more chances to catch fish than ever before.


New lightweight T-type handle knob

Both the 1500th and 2000th handle knobs are equipped with the T-shaped handle knob that was used in [19 Ocean Jigger F Custom]. The lightweight and easy-to-grip shape makes it easy to apply force, and it can easily handle high loads such as blue-green fish and mid-deep sea games, further reducing the burden on the angler.
*Adopted for 1500XG/1501XG, 2000NRMG/2001NRMG, 2000NRXG/2001NRXG.

Cold forged long crank handle

Achieves high rigidity of up to approximately 200%

The handle is equipped with a highly rigid and strong cold-forged long crank handle as standard. The hard and sturdy handle body is up to twice as rigid as previous models, and the synergistic effect with the HAGANE body enables direct winding performance with no power loss.

Cold forged long crank handle

Cold forged high rigidity clutch lever

Highly rigid clutch lever with improved operability

The clutch part uses a newly shaped clutch lever that has been hammered out by cold forging, providing not only a textured feel but also greater operability than previous models.

drive gear

Large diameter gear boasting strong toughness

The large-diameter drive gear that supports the drive unit is designed to be heavy and highly precise using ultra-high strength brass material. There is no compromise on strength.

pinion gear

Increased durability with special surface treatment

NEW Ocean Jigger has a special surface treatment on the pinion gear to improve salt resistance. Significantly contributes to improving clutch durability.

stainless steel parts

Internal parts with high strength and excellent corrosion resistance

Stainless steel material with excellent rigidity and corrosion resistance is used for every corner of internal parts such as washers. Durability is evident in every detail.

Summing space ①

There is space in front of the clutch side for thumb thumbs. Access from the clutch operation is smooth, allowing for fluid control.

Summing space ②

There is a space in front of the palming side to control the fall with your index finger. Summing can be performed without breaking palming.

asymmetrical spool edge

Asymmetrical spool edge

The spool edge is designed asymmetrically. Each has a shape that makes it easy to operate from the thumb space on the main body. Pursuing usability down to the smallest detail and raising the level of fishing.

mechanical brake knob

New shape mechanical brake knob

The mechanical brake knob, which is important for adjusting fall speed, has been made larger in diameter to make it easier to grip and operate with your thumb. Control the fall with a synergistic effect with summing space.


Silky drag performance is safe even when using fine thread

In modern jigging, where the use of light lines is increasing, drag performance is an important point. The structure changes smoothly according to the rotation angle of the star drag, making it easy to make fine adjustments, and the drag setting is firmly determined. The thin thread allows you to fight with peace of mind even when a big fish hits.

carbon cross washer

Adopts a carbon cross washer that combines good sliding and high durability. Contributes to silky drag performance.

New shape star drag

Not only is it easy to rotate, but it is also designed to have a shape that makes it difficult to pick up line at the tip. Reduces the trouble of line entanglement in situations with strong crosswinds, allowing you to concentrate on fishing without stress.

Spool lock mechanism

A mechanism that completely fixes the spool and locks reverse rotation. Safe even when the roots get stuck.

Spool replaceable

You can easily replace the spool by simply removing the bolt using the included wrench. *There is no spool compatibility between the XG model and models with other gear ratios.

Gear ratio/maximum hoisting length comparison

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