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21 Blazon BC

21 Blazon BC

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Item name feature
"Light versatile model" that adapts to all-around from light rigs to small to medium-sized heart baits.
"Versatile model" that can be used for a wide range of medium to large hard baits such as crank baits and spinner baits, as well as down shots and Texas baits.

Details of each part
■ "Air sensor sheet" adoption
The bait model adopts the "blank touch trigger" sheet, and the spinning model adopts the "slim fit" sheet.
■Carbon monocoque rear grip
Daiwa's unique carbon molded rear grip. It has excellent sensitivity and is effective in casting feeling and handling.
■3D Brilliant Name
A sharp logo design with an edge and a 3D name that shines in silver.
■ Notation, item renewal
Change the notation of bait and spinning. "Bait: C, Spinning: S", 2PC rod has "-2" behind the length
AIR_SENSOR_SEAT [Air sensor seat]
AIR_SENSOR_SEAT [Air sensor seat]
(baitcasting model: blank touch trigger / spinning model: slim fit)
"Air sensor sheet" with carbon fiber that achieves light weight, high strength, and high sensitivity. Special design according to the application realizes operability that cannot be experienced with general-purpose reel seats.
In the carbon sheet, which has the greatest impact on rod performance, Daiwa focuses on the amount of adhesive resin (resin) that holds carbon fibers together, as well as the high elasticity of the carbon fiber itself. "High Density HVF Carbon", which reduces the amount of resin that can be said to be fat and increases the density of carbon fiber instead, is more muscular and powerful. It is the best material for rods that emphasize stickiness and strength.
mega top
■ MEGATOP (ST model only)
Mega Top is a carbon solid with evenly dispersed fibers and resins, showing the same bend in all directions. Furthermore, the strength is dramatically improved compared to normal carbon solids. This makes it possible to create thin, flexible, and highly tapered tips. In addition to the sensitivity that resonates with the hand peculiar to carbon materials, the visual sensitivity that appears on the tip has also been greatly improved.
Braiding X
■ Braiding X
By tightening the outermost layer of the butt section of the blank in an X shape with carbon tape, it is a reinforced structure to suppress twisting that leads to power loss during rod operation. Even though it is thin, it maintains high strength, and by reducing the feeling of weight, operability is improved.

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